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3 Creative Donor Acquisition Strategies to Refresh Your Current Approach!

Donor acquisition strategies are one of those things that are always going to be a major part of any nonprofit. The more fine tuned your strategies are, the more sustainable you will be as an organization. But ideas can run out pretty fast – especially when it feels like every nonprofit is following the same old pattern.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your strategies, here are a few fresh ways to get donors interested in giving to your cause!

1. Make Donors Feel Extra Special

There are thank you notes, and then there are extra special gestures. The first is standard when it comes to appreciating a donor but the second one is what can really set your nonprofit apart from others. You can get creative with how you thank and appreciate donors and, in turn, make other potential donors excited about the prospect of becoming part of your organization.

Social media shout outs, donor guest blogs, and website features are all ways to put existing donors front and center of your organization’s digital media presence. This way, when other people see your nonprofit, they will get a sense of how much you value your donors.

2. Use Fundraiser Storytelling

Sure, sharing statistics is a good way to give people an idea of why your cause is important. But if you haven’t tried fundraising storytelling yet you are seriously missing out on an opportunity to draw in donors. Storytelling is a way to help donors connect to your cause and organization. It humanizes the struggle your organization is fighting for.

If crafted correctly, a good fundraising story can move potential donors into giving by making them feel like they will be making a valuable impact in the world.

3. Keep Your Website in Top Shape

Rarely will any donor give to an organization without doing relevant research. When the time comes for a donor to do a quick Google search on you, you’ll want to be prepared. Make sure your website has content that is engaging, up to date, and relevant to your cause. The last thing you want is for donors to see a plain, uninteresting website that barely has any information.

When a donor lands on your page, your goal should be for them to see that you are an active organization that is making a difference. Have a mix of textual, visual, and multimedia posts, even testimonials from previous donors and volunteers – anything that can get potential donors excited and involved.

Donor acquisition may seem complicated but it’s simply a matter of understanding your donor demographics and making sure you convey why they should be involved in your organization as creatively as possible!

Awni Shamah

Awni Shamah

Sustainability advocate and fundraising advisor. Awni leads Givingloop's customer success efforts and works closely with nonprofits in order to turn them sustainable through monthly donations.