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3 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Monthly Giving Appeal Letter

A monthly giving appeal letter is a great way to encourage your donor base to stay involved with your organization. It is also a great nonprofit sustainability plan if you can manage to get a steady group of donors who are willing to donate on a regular basis.

Here are three essential things to keep in mind when you are writing your appeal.

1. Ask the Right Donors

Not everyone is going to donate to your cause, and that’s okay. You should focus your energy and resources on those who are most likely to do. The two types of donors most likely to be willing to contribute during a monthly giving appeal are:

  1. Donors who have previously donated small amounts of money. They will be more likely to give again if they haven’t invested a large sum already.
  2. Donors who have given to your organization not so long ago. These donors will be riding the feel-good high that comes from contributing to a cause. If cultivated correctly, they will be most likely to give again.

Craft your monthly giving appeal letter with the donors in mind and frame your ask accordingly.

2. Emphasize Their Impact

Donors contribute because they believe in your cause. In order to keep them coming back to contribute more, you need to make sure that your giving appeal letter highlights how those contributions make a difference.

There are a few ways to do this. You can simply tell them of course by stating some facts about what you have achieved so far as an organization or the change you have managed to bring about. Or you can project the impact they will have by showing them exactly where their money will go.

The more ways you can highlight the impact they can have through their contribution, the more likely they will be to give. After all, x dollars will feed 20 children for an entire month sounds much more appealing than a generic request for donations.

3. Keep it Simple

Don’t make the process of donating overly complicated. Most donors do not have the time or the patience to struggle with complicated giving processes. Make it easy for them to send their donation and offer them a membership to a monthly giving program, so they stay motivated to contribute.

The easier you make the process seem, the higher your response rate will be. If you make it seem like donating is going to be a long-winded procedure, your donors will feel less inclined to donate.

The way you frame your letter makes all the difference. Remember not to get too demanding. Always give your donor the space to say no without feeling guilty. If you’re careful about how you ask for the donations, you’re more likely to see the results!

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