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4 of the Most Solid Donor Stewardship Ideas to Up Your Game

Donor sustainability is one of the top goals for nonprofits. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you’re looking for ways to keep donors engaged in your relationship and feel appropriately appreciated, here are 4 solid ways to stay on top of your goals!

1. Prioritize complaint resolution

It may seem like a no-brainer to resolve donor complaints ASAP, but it can fall behind on the to-do list with everything else nonprofit employees have going on. However, one of the best ways to show donors how much they are valued is to show timeliness when dealing with resolving their complaints. Taking quick action shows your donors that you value their input and want to give them the best experience possible when interacting with your organization.

2. Personalize your interactions

If you want to increase your donor retention rate, it will take more than a few pleasantries to keep them interested. This is why personalizing your interactions with them can be a great boost to your relationship with donors.

a. Remember details

As with any relationship, donor relationships also need a level of intimacy to flourish. Remember details like birthdays, anniversaries, or important life events that are a part of your donor’s lives. Checking in, congratulating them, giving them condolences for tragedies is all part of fostering a relationship that will feel more than just transactional.

b. Use friendly language in correspondence

Not all of your emails or letters need to have formal salutations and language. It’s okay to drop in some casual phrases. This will make the mood of the writing seem friendlier and leave a positive imagine in your donors mind.

c. Call them to stay in touch

Sometimes the best way to convey a message is a good old fashioned phone call. But make sure they don’t drag. Have a purpose to each phone call. Keep the conversation short, friendly, and precise, and always thank your donor for their time.  

d. Use handwritten notes

In the world of emails, texts, and tweets – a handwritten note will show a level of care that is personal and attentive.

3. Acknowledge them in fresh, creative ways

Appreciation is a benchmark of donor stewardship. Make use of social media to acknowledge your donors consistently and creatively. Dedicate a page to them on your website, do donor spotlight features, tweet about them, make a video thanking them – the opportunities are endless! Public donor appreciation will never go unnoticed, and it will also increase their inclination to donate again.

4. Give them opportunities for engagement

Remind your donors your relationship with them is not purely money-based. They are making a difference by supporting your cause and you value them. Host intimate get-togethers to help socialize with your donors and inform them about opportunities to get involved in your cause in ways other than just donating. Give them the opportunity to tell you more about themselves and why your cause matters to them. They will want to keep coming back if they feel valued and engaged.