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5 Donor Engagement Strategies That Bring In Profit

Although most nonprofits would agree that making a donation is the ultimate form of donor engagement, this term can also be used any time a donor interacts or support the nonprofit, without necessarily making a monetary gift.

Donor engagement strategies are how you create long-lasting relationships and recurring donations from loyal supporters. Here are 5 ways how you can use donor engagement strategies:

Social Media

A nonprofit that aims to be successful needs to have a prominent social media presence. Through social media, you can show your supporters what you have accomplished and how donor contributions have impacted the cause. Social media can be a great tool to educate viewers about your nonprofit’s mission, provoke an emotional response and make a connection with viewers.

If your nonprofit is running a campaign, you should share it on Facebook and Twitter a week ahead of the live event. As you approach the end date, share it at least once a day to create a sense of urgency.


A newsletter is not just used for appealing for funds but is one of the best tools to encourage donor engagement. Your newsletter may just be a personalized thank you note for your supporter and an update about how their contribution helped in successfully completing a project. It could also include a short survey that gives your supporters a voice and allows them to tell you about what they would like your nonprofit to improve.

Sending newsletters helps drive traffic, hook in more donors, keep them engaged and remind them they are valuable to the organization.

Membership Programs

With a membership program, your supporters won’t just be giving their support to your nonprofit; they will also be making a conscious effort to identify themselves. Membership involves supporters giving a fee to a nonprofit in exchange for exclusive rights and privileges. What’s so great about these programs is that they allow donors to feel like they are in control of how they interact with your nonprofit. Since members are aware of the offerings in your membership program before they sign up, you will understand that these supporters are interested in engaging with you in the ways you have planned.

A membership program may include VIP tickets to concerts and events, newsletters with exclusive content, volunteering opportunities and helping members meet like-minded people.

Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Peer-to-peer fundraising encourages fundraisers to reach out to friends, families, colleagues and other people in their social and business network to request donations on your nonprofit’s behalf. This is a great donor engagement strategy as it not only allows your existing donors to feel important and invested in the nonprofit’s success, it also makes you come into contact with people who you are not aware of your cause.

To run a peer-to-peer campaign, start off by asking your loyal and long-standing supporters whether they would be interested in participating. Once your fundraising campaign is over, you will end up with a whole new set of donors and plenty of profit.

Host Exclusive Events

Although online communication is great, there is something very personal and intimate about face-to-face interaction. Other than sending emails and making phone calls, host private events for your loyal supporters. Not only do personal interactions help you make a better rapport with your donors, but they will also make your supporters feel acknowledged, appreciated and invested in your nonprofit’s mission. The great thing about such events is that they are fun and if your donors have a good time there, they will feel more positive about donating to your organization in the future.

These few tips will not only heighten your donor experience but will also elevate their engagement and bring in more profit for your organization.