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5 Foolproof Ways to Sound Appealing in a Nonprofit Donation Letter

What is a Nonprofit Donation Letter?

A nonprofit donation letter, also known as a ‘donation appeal’ in some cases, is a letter requesting potential contributors to donate to the organization’s mission.

This letter is a great opportunity to connect with your donors – old and new – and get them interested in your organization. If they are an old sponsor, it is also a great opportunity to thank them once again for their contribution and also remind them of the impact that they have made.

We know writing a killer letter can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve listed five foolproof ways to make sure that your donation letter has maximum impact on donors.

1. Appeal to Their Emotions

If you really want to appeal to donors, make sure that your letter garners an emotional response. Nonprofit organizations usually have causes that resonate with people because they feel strongly about them. Frame your narrative in a way that leaves the person reading your letter deeply invested both mentally and emotionally in your cause.

2. Showcase Your Mission

A nonprofit donation letter is a great way to showcase your organization’s vision. This is especially great if you’re reaching out to new donors. Instead of going off on multiple tangents, try and keep things crisp and focused on one particular project that you’d like to push. This will keep the reader from getting confused and overwhelmed and give them time to get acquainted with you in more detail rather than get a generalized idea.

3. Build Trust

If you’re writing to a donor who has previously contributed to your organization, take this opportunity to show your appreciation for them. Thank them for their contribution and let them know how their donation was used to further your cause. This will not only show them how you value them, but will also build trust between all parties involved.

4. Ask Clearly

At some point, you will need to stop beating about the bush and get to the point. And it’s better if you do this sooner rather than later. It may seem crude to ask for donations outright but it will be much better than circling the topic at hand using hundreds of pointless words, at which point you can risk your donor losing interest.  

5. Create Urgency  

Set a deadline and build a sense of urgency in your letter. This lets your donor know that if they want to contribute, they will have to do it within a specified time. This is especially important for donors who generally take longer to respond. And it may help donors who are on the fence about contributing, reach a decision much sooner.

Knowing how to write a good nonprofit donation letter is essential if you want to make sure your organization is on top of its fundraising game. Once you have a strong donor base, you can consider making some changes such as switching to email or offering your donors the option to subscribe to monthly payments.

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