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5 Unique Fundraising Event Ideas

Planning fundraising events can be a difficult job. Whether you’re trying to raise funds for a nonprofit, or any other reason, there is often quite a lot of pressure on you to find the best way to raise money to not only meet your targets but also to create enough impact to leave your name behind.

Here are five unique fundraising event ideas to help you out.

1. Singing Telegrams

Who doesn’t want a song dedicated to them? This kind of event is simple to plan on a budget. Donors will ‘pay’ their donation and get a song dedicated to someone. You will have to find volunteers with musical and vocal abilities, who would then go and sing the song to the recipient. Make sure that your customers specify a delivery time, one that ensures the availability of the recipient but also ensures that the surrounding residents are not disturbed. This kind of event can’t be too pricey; otherwise, people wouldn’t be interested.

2. Personal Chauffeur

Everyone wants to feel special some days – or maybe they’re just tired of driving around town. Find volunteers willing to drive donors around for some time. You can raise returns for this kind of event by keeping this as an auction or raffle prize to encourage more people to join in with donations.

3. Flamingo a Yard

You’ll be able to gain attention in the neighborhood for this fun game even before you start. Everyone will know what’s going on, and getting permission would become more manageable. Grab a few flamingos and plant them in someone’s yard overnight. To get them removed, they will have to pay and send them away to someone else’s house. It can be quite fun since people wouldn’t know when they’ll be ‘flamingo-ed’ and by whom. Volunteers should be careful not to ruin people’s yards while planting the flamingos.

4. Kick the Habit

This can work as a double project. Get people to quit an addiction – smoking, drinking, shopping, anything, and they can then donate the money saved by cutting the habit. Though this can be a great way to encourage people to drop bad habits while helping the community, it is difficult to track. The best time to do this would be around the New Year or during religious observance periods.

5. Skip a Meal

You can get people to skip a meal for one day and donate the money they would’ve spent on that meal. Not only is this a great way of raising awareness about hunger, but it is also a great idea to carry out during religious holidays that focus on abstinence like Lent. It could also encourage the concept of not overeating, which many people tend to have a problem with nowadays.