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501c3 Website Requirements: Here’s What You Should Know

What is a 501c3?

If the term seems technical to you, don’t worry. It’s simple enough t grasp. A 501(c)(3) organization is any organization that is exempt from federal tax under the United States Code, section 501c3. This includes nonprofit organizations that are working towards charity causes.

In order to qualify for 501c3 status, organizations must apply to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for recognition.

What Are 501c3 Website Requirements for a Nonprofit?

1. Privacy Policy

Some states will require nonprofit websites to have their privacy policy online. This will usually contain information regarding the kind of information and data that an organization collects and the protective measures it has in place to keep that data secure.

2. IRS Form

You should have your IRS forms available on your website to certify that you are indeed a 501c3 organization. This may not necessarily be a very strict requirement, but it’s a way to add credibility to your organization.

3. Annual Reports

These are a valuable means of showing others what your organization has accomplished and where the funding you get from donors is utilized. It is also a way to encourage transparency for your organization by showing your achievements/setbacks publicly.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

While legal requirements are an important part of building your website you also want to make sure you are optimizing your website for potential donors. This means making sure it is easy to browse through, simple to navigate, and has all the necessary information easily accessible.

You can do this by ensuring the following things.

· A Clear Mission Statement

Make sure your organization’s mission statement is clearly defined so anyone visiting your website gets a clear understanding of what your organization stands for. This should include facts about your nonprofit and the goals you hope to achieve.

· Easy to Access Contact Information

Your website should have contact information clearly visible so anyone who wishes to get in touch doesn’t need to dig around too deeply in order to find what they’re looking for. You should also take the opportunity to link your social media handles here.

· Option to Get Involved or Donate  

A donate button or volunteer form will make it easier for people who are interested to get involved easily. Try making this process as simple and quick as possible to ensure that interested people don’t get dettered by a long winded, time consuming form.

· Transparency About External Links

It is not uncommon for nonprofit websites to have links to other for-profit websites or advertisements. However, it would be wise to have some kind of transparency about such things by letting users know they are now navigating away from your website to a non-affiliate page.

A good website will be the first step to getting people involved in your organization. Make it count!