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Attract Donors to a Nonprofit with These 2 Essential Strategies

Attracting new donors is as difficult as it is essential for nonprofits. This is why it’s always important to focus on how you go about it.

While there are a number of techniques out there promising to draw donors to your door, here are two of the most essential ones. Focusing on these two alone will attract donors to a nonprofit without any additional fuss.

1. Use Storytelling Marketing When Reaching Out

If you really want to appeal to donors, you need to be able to connect with them on a meaningful level. This means making them genuinely interested, as well as emphatic towards your cause. A standard donation request letter will not accomplish this. In fact, it may even do the opposite.

In order to really connect with potential donors, you should make an effort to utilize storytelling marketing techniques. Build a narrative around your organization – how it was created, why it was created, the people who are involved in it, the people who benefit from it, and the vision you wish to accomplish.

By using storytelling marketing, you will be able to get your donors to feel like they will be a part of something bigger and more valuable than themselves. Remember that one of the primary reasons people choose to donate to an organization is because they want to feel like they are making a difference.

There is no better way to help them feel like they are doing just that by showing them. You can use different platforms and multimedia formats to get this across from videos to infographics and picture storytelling.

2. Pay Attention to Layouts

It may seem like a trivial matter, but layouts matter when you attempt to communicate with potential donors. Pay attention to the colors, the font, and the creativity that you use for communication and marketing. If it’s too dull, then it will make it harder to retain people’s interest. Research shows that sixty six percent of people are less likely to engage with your content and communication if it’s not attractive.  

The importance of layout also translates to how your website is set up. Make things easy for potential donors. Do not overcrowd your website with unnecessary junk and small text. Contact information should be clearly visible, and the option to donate and volunteer should be simple and quick. Nothing deters a potential donor than a long-winded, complicated process of giving.

These two factors will be critical in helping you attract donors. But this is just the first step; from here you will need to have a strategic and most importantly consistent donor acquisition plan to bring in new donors.

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