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Best Donation Management Software

When looking for donation management software for your nonprofit, you should keep an eye out for automated online systems that are designed for nonprofits specifically. Most software that deals with managing contributions and payments are designed for corporations and commercial organizations. However, since nonprofits usually have different needs, you should try to find software that takes care of these.

Good donation management software should provide the nonprofit in question a customizable dashboard, which makes decision making easier by having all the essential components at easy access. Ideally, donation management software should also come with a feature that allows you to analyze your transactions and report them accordingly.

Donor Tools

Donor Tools is a donor management software that is specifically for nonprofits and religious organizations. It is simple to use, fast, and affordable, allowing nonprofits to keep track of their transactions in terms of different donors and the amount they donated. This software also lets you use this information to form reports that assist in accounting. The software also allows for integration with accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Nonprofit

This accounting software has been designed specifically for nonprofits so they can keep track of donors and donations as well as fundraising and preparation for taxes or exemptions. The software is cloud-based and suited for organizations of all sizes with reporting tools, card processing, and record management.


Sustain is a donation management software that is designed for all nonprofits, both big and small. It has many features such as gift matching, event management, recording transactions, and sending out receipts to donors. By automating simple tasks, it helps you streamline the processes of your organization.

FundRaiser Family

FundRaiser is aimed at small to mid-sized organizations that are making an impact in their local communities. The software has all the features any nonprofit needs to get basic tasks done, such as tracking donations, managing donors and events, sending out receipts, etc. It also allows you to set up monthly donation programs and match gifts with organizations.

With software to help you out with simple tasks, organizations would find fundraising easier since everything is neatly organized. Different software is suited for various organizations, so it is best to look for one that fits your requirements.

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