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Best Fundraising Websites

With digitalization and technology becoming a permanent fixture in our lives, fundraising has expanded into online spaces and thrived.

Now, individuals and organizations can capitalize on online networks and get a more extensive reach to help with fundraising. Nowadays, online spaces can be used to raise funds for any reason. This includes personal requirements, such as medical expenses and tuition fees, and even organizational fundraising for causes, such as the construction of large-scale projects.

For smaller organizations that cannot yet set up their own donation page, due to lack of experience or online real estate, there are now a lot of options to turn to.

Here are some of the best donation websites for nonprofits.


Fundly is a cheap fundraising website that comes with a load of helpful features. Each organization gets its own Fundly page, which can feature impactful photos right at the front to allow supporters to see the reason you’re raising money immediately. Fundly does not enforce a minimum amount for a fundraiser, and funds can be withdrawn within 24 hours. The transfer of funds can be set up automatically. There is a small platform fee as well as a card processing fee to pay, but it is a good, low-cost option for nonprofits.

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is one of the best nonprofit matching gift databases that allows donors to see corporate matching programs and make donations. Corporate matching programs entail corporations matching the amount donated by individuals to the program. The total proceeds are then forwarded onto nonprofits. Double the Donation allows this information to be readily available to donors. It offers a personalized page for each nonprofit and a plugin that can be embedded into the website to take visitors back to the Double the Donation page.


Nonprofits of all sizes use Donately for a better donor experience. Not only does it offer custom donation forms and fundraising pages and peer-to-peer fundraising, but Donately also has an online donation system that makes it easier for both the organization as well as the donor to make donations online, which saves your time and creates better opportunities towards reaching your goals.


StartSomeGood is a great option for nonprofits that are only just starting off with online fundraising. SSG provides coaching and feedback for newer project creators and helps out with matching campaigns with prospective donors who can match donations up to 50%. Not only this, but StartSomeGood also offers standard features provided by most crowdfunding sites such as sharing the crowdfunding page on social media and onto your organization’s website via embedding.