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Best Recurring Donations Software

Recurring donations are the future of nonprofits. There’s a number of reasons why a solid recurring donation program is beneficial for a nonprofit organization to sustain it in the long run. Not only is it beneficial for the organization but also for the donors since it allows donors with limited expendable income to make room for donations and fits into donors’ budget planning. It provides nonprofits with the reassurance that they will have a solid source of income to handle their regular operations.

As such, to maintain a giving program, nonprofits would need recurring donations software to manage the donations as well as keep track of when donors would like to make their donations, at what intervals, and how much.

Once you set up your recurring donation software, you can also use one of the best Zapier alternatives to automate your donor flow.

Let’s look at some software that is suited for organizations with recurring donations programs.


Donorbox is a donation platform that uses advanced technology to help nonprofits maximize their fundraising. Donorbox allows donors to set up recurring donations that they have full control over and can edit the details at any time. It is also simple to use and intuitive, so donors and nonprofits alike don’t have any trouble setting things up.


Qgiv is a great all-around option for nonprofits to secure donations. Nonprofits are able to customize their donation pages, set up recurring donation programs that can produce receipts, and send out thanks for each time a donor makes a recurrent donation. There are also notifications for errors and declined payments. Qgiv also provides the option to reach out to donors who may be close to the end of their subscription.


Fundly is another donation platform where donors can subscribe to recurring donations. With Fundly, the option to make edits to an existing subscription is limited. However, there are multiple options in terms of how many installments a donor would like to make their donation, how much they’d like to donate, and what date they’d like to be charged. Users can manage their recurring gifts profiles on the software and manage any details.

Raiser’s Edge

Raiser’s Edge is a platform for donations that offers multiple features such as customization in terms of an organization’s needs and allows donors to remain updated with an organization’s activities. Nonprofits can set up recurring gift options, and donors can choose to subscribe to it, setting their preferred date and donation amounts that suit them best.


Givingloop allows nonprofits to set up their online pages where donations can be made while placing great emphasis on recurring donations to sustain an organization. Nonprofits use Givingloop Revive to retain churned donors and make free calls to discuss growth strategies that can help them bring in donors who can provide recurring donations.