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Best Social Media Fundraising Campaigns

Here are two facts:

  • Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to establish a conversation
  • Nonprofits want to make a positive change in the world

When you merge the power of social media with the missions of nonprofits, you get a combination that has both reach and impact.

By the end of 2018, a projected 33% of the world’s population was said to have a social media account. What does that mean? These channels are now a critical road that organizations want to take if they are to reach and engage audiences.

If nonprofits want to have continued support and engagement to be able to grow their missions, they will have to leverage social media. Here are some of the best social media fundraising campaigns that saw stellar results.

charity: water

charity:water’s ‘September Campaign’ is surefire proof that nonprofit social media campaigns can be not only powerful but also sustainable. In 2015, charity:water started a campaign aimed at people born in September. It asked these people to invite their family and friends to donate to charity:water in place of buying birthday presents and share their stories on social media.

The campaign was strong because it demonstrated the power of social media as a word-of-mouth vehicle. When people scrolling through their social timelines witnessed the impact of the donations that were made in place of birthday gifts, they felt compelled to help as well, and the organization raised more than 1.8 million dollars just from this campaign.

World Wildlife Fund

In 2014, WWF used Snapchat for its Last Selfie campaign and nailed the use of the relatively new social platform down to a T. The organization posted photos of endangered animals on their Snapchat with the hashtag #LastSelfie and a phone number that people could text to donate. Snapchat was the perfect platform for their campaign, with the ‘self destruct’ feature, symbolizing extinction.

They went cross-platform, encouraging Twitter users to share snaps, and within a week, the #LastSelfie snaps were posted by 40,000 users and seen by about 120 million in one week. WWF reached its monthly fundraising goal in only three days.


One is an advocacy organization for people living in extremely harsh conditions such as poverty or disease – particularly in Africa. They created several viral campaigns, and in 2017, they focused on girls’ education with their #girlscount campaign.

The aim was to have celebrities, influencers, and everyday supporters of their campaigns make individual videos of them reaching out a number between 1 and 130 million (the number of girls worldwide without access to education). These videos were then used to make one very long video to ‘count’ all the girls who were not able to go to school.

By getting famous people to ‘claim’ numbers, they managed to expand influence and used engaging tweets to take people to a page where people could donate or sign petitions for leaders to give the girls the education they deserved. They received 340,000 petition signatures in only a week.

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