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Best Website Builders for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, your website would be crucial to your success in your mission and your fundraising efforts.

Potential donors will always look through an organization’s website to learn more about it and its mission before they decide whether or not they believe in it enough to donate money and put in their time.

Thus, if you’re running a nonprofit, you want to find a website builder that will make your website look presentable and easy to navigate through, while also conveying the value of your organization and encourage donors to contribute.

Here a problem may arise: not everyone is very well-versed in web design. However, this isn’t an issue anymore. Here are some of the best nonprofit website builders you can use.


Wix is a drag-and-drop builder with an interface that is easy to navigate through and also pleasing to the eye. The interface is intuitive and provides a large number of pre-made templates for those who do not have a lot of design or coding experience. The website you can make through Wix is optimized for mobile devices and has robust SEO features to bring your content on search engines.

It also offers flexibility in that a blank canvas is also available for those who don’t want to use templates. The builder is free to use if you don’t mind the logo on the bottom of the page, but you can remove it by paying a small amount every month.


Weebly is another drag and drop builder, with a very straightforward interface that allows you to insert or remove widgets easily. There is a pre-made grid that can help with the design for those without any experience and is well-known as the easiest website builder out there.

Optimizable for mobile devices, Weebly also has SEO capabilities several apps that can be downloaded from the App Center for added functions. However, Weebly’s templates are fairly structural, and thus not as flexible as Wix. There is a free basic plan, but paid plans are low-cost and offer a larger variety of features.


Morweb is also a drag and drop builder that is focused on providing ease of use to visitors to the website. This website builder is fairly easy to use and intuitive with a wide range of elements and widgets that can make personalizing your website secure and fun. There are pre-made templates for inexperienced builders, and the ease of use is balanced with its premium functionality, which can be great for nonprofits since they can tick off their checkboxes without having to sacrifice user-friendliness.

The templates can be modified to fit your preferences for your website, and the template selection also offers those made specifically for nonprofits, that only need to be customized to fit your organization. Although Morweb isn’t free, the entry-level package is low-cost and affordable for nonprofits that run on strict budgets, and you can upgrade later to meet your organization’s growing needs.