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Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you’d always be looking for new ways to raise money. One option that has become a trend is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding websites showcase and provide financial transactions for any entity – individuals, businesses or nonprofits – trying to raise a large amount of money for their cause.

When considering crowdfunding sites for nonprofits, comparison can help you figure out which practices and features offered by each of these sites are most effective in acquiring and retaining donors, as well as encouraging donations. As a nonprofit, you would also like to reduce costs as much as possible and make sure your crowdfunding campaign is effective.

Let’s look at some of the largest platforms for crowdfunding made specifically for nonprofits.


Fundly is a platform for crowdfunding campaigns where nonprofits can easily set up a page and share it with their donors through social media and email. It allows organizations to make blog-like posts to their own pages, including photos and videos with descriptions or updates.

Fundly provides a heavy emphasis on mobile optimization for their pages. This makes it easier for donors to access these pages since most people nowadays access the internet through their phones. There are also in-depth guides for users to make their campaigns successful.

The platform charges a 4.9% platform fee and a processing fee of 2.9%+$0.30 for each transaction.


If your nonprofit is looking for a change from the usual crowdfunding techniques, Bonfire could be a good option. Instead of the usual donation options, Bonfire allows your nonprofit to design a T-shirt, market it, sell and ship it, and collect the profits.

Bonfire also has a custom builder to create professional-looking shirts, so you don’t even need a graphic designer on board.

You don’t have to pay upfront, so you can do your entire fundraising first and then pay for the t-shirts through your contributions, so all the profit goes to your cause.

If your nonprofit status is verified, the processing fees go down from 8% to 3.5%, and there is no cost to get started.


DonateKindly is a great option for small and growing nonprofits. You can set up unlimited campaign widgets and customize them to fit your organization. They take only minutes to set up, so they’re not time-consuming.

With this, nonprofits get a suite of powerful online tools for free for fundraising and crowdfunding purposes. You can create unlimited campaigns and edit to fit your organization’s branding. It is great for organizations that are only just starting with digital fundraising campaigns but don’t know where to start.

The best part is that it’s free forever for most nonprofits. This means there’s no cost for setup or maintenance or any hidden fees. The tips donors make during donations are how they operate their site.

Crowdfunding can be a great idea for a one-time project that allows many people – even those who would not usually be within your reach – to contribute to your cause.

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