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Donorbox Pricing Plan

When looking for nonprofit fundraising software you’d want to make sure that the features you’re offered are worth the price you pay, and that you are getting sufficient support from the platform you opt for within your budget. After all, nonprofits have more important places to spend their funds than solely on the platform with which they manage their operations, so when looking for nonprofit fundraising software, it’s important to keep an eye on how much benefit you’ll be receiving from your investment.

Let’s take a look at the Donorbox pricing plan to see what features you get.

Donorbox Pricing

Donorbox is free for nonprofits that receive less than $1,000 in donations per month. This is beneficial for smaller nonprofits since they can raise funds without paying for the platform space, and do so when they grow enough to raise more money. When a nonprofit starts receiving $1,000 or more, the platform charges a fee of 1.5% on the entire month’s donations.

However, there are payment processing fees for all nonprofits since Donorbox uses Stripe and Paypal as payment processing partners. There is a 2.9% + $0.30 fees for Stripe, or 2.2%+$0.30 for Paypal. However, nonprofits that are registered as 501c3 can avail special discounts, and this discount can be availed by contacting the nonprofit helplines for either one.

There are also integration fees involved, such as those for gift matching and the use of donor management software like Salesforce, but these are optional, and if there are no integrations, you will not have to pay for them.

Features Offered

For this pricing plan, there are some standard features offered by Donorbox.


There are forms that can be customized to suit the nonprofit’s website, and also allows for changes to the CSS for further customization where necessary.


With Donorbox, nonprofits can ask donors to cover their donation fees for them, with the donation, which can be a great feature to help nonprofits stay on budget. This fee could be both, the processing fee for each donation, and the platform fees that Donorbox charges.


There are options for integrating other software, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce NPSP, and Zapier, which are further options to help make your fundraising more efficient.

Recurring Donations

Donorbox allows donors to subscribe to recurring donation plans and make weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual donations, which can allow you steady funding and revenue sources.

Next-Gen Payment Options

There are multiple options for donors to make payments, for example, by using cards and Paypal, or by Google and Apple Pay, and even through bank transfers for those who are not very tech-savvy.

Setup Fees

Since the pricing plan for Donorbox only charges a fee for donations of $1,000 and above, there are no fees for setting up the donation platform, and the process can take as little as 15 minutes.

Donorbox allows for greater visibility for nonprofits and opportunities to connect with more and more people, which allows them to take a step closer to reaching their fundraising goals.