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Donorbox vs. Network for Good

Selecting a nonprofit fundraising software can be a complicated task, considering the variety of options available. There are many different kinds of software aimed at different kinds of nonprofits, with specific features being the focus. For example, Givingloop focuses on recurring donations. This makes the choice harder for nonprofits that are looking for fundraising software for their organization.

Let’s look at two different nonprofit fundraising software.

Donorbox vs. Network for Good


Donorbox is a donation platform that focuses on the fundraising requirements of nonprofits. They cater to nonprofits of all types, from social welfare to religious organizations, and have multiple features aimed at making the donation collection process simpler. There is an efficient checkout process, with almost all online payment methods accepted, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, and even bank payments.

It also allows nonprofits to maximize their fundraising through the platform by allowing donors to set up recurring donations as well as giving them the option to cover the processing fee on donations.There are also options for gift matching, which allows donors’ employers to match donations made and even allows companies and corporations to donate and fulfill their corporate social responsibility. The platform gives nonprofits donation forms that can be shared on social media and is translatable to 11 different languages. There are strong security measures to make sure donor’s information remains secure.

There are also several options for donor management, such as donor profiles and questions for donors, which  can help nonprofits collect data in terms of their donation activity. Nonprofits can also make notes about donations and collect personal information. There are also several analytics metrics to measure the success and effect of the campaigns.

Network for Good

Network for Good is a donor management and fundraising software that also offers coaching for nonprofits to help them maximize their fundraising efforts. The software is aimed at smaller nonprofits with features that are made simple and intuitive, which makes the software easy to use. It helps nonprofits in targeting and retaining donors as well as engaging them to be able to raise funds.

Network for Good gives nonprofits a fundraising page where they can create campaigns on specifically branded pages to bring in new donors and allows them to sign up for recurring donation programs. It also has a number of donor management features to find who the likely donors are and how to engage them as well as which donors are more likely to become repeat donors.

It allows nonprofits to send out bulk emails and texts, which is a great way to thank donors for their contributions, as well as for marketing purposes. There are also simple tools to help visualize the progress and trends of fundraising campaigns. Its analytics metrics allow nonprofits to track their success rate and distance from the goal. It is a great platform to raise awareness for the cause and raise funds at the same time.

While both of these and others are great options for nonprofit use, different features are better suited for different kinds of nonprofits, and this must be kept in mind when choosing a nonprofit fundraising software.