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DonorPerfect vs. Neon CRM vs. Givingloop

What fundraising software you use matters a great deal when it comes to nonprofits. The right software can help you raise funds and your donor base, and it can make managing operations for your nonprofit easier while saving you time. However, what software is right for you depends greatly on your nonprofit’s purpose, shape, and size.

Let’s look at some nonprofit fundraising software for comparison.

DonorPerfect vs. NeonCRM vs. Givingloop


DonorPerfect is a great option when looking for fundraising software, whether your nonprofit is a small organization or a larger one. The system is well-suited for those who are new to using CRM as well as for skilled users. The platform has intuitive flow, which makes it easy for new users while also providing all the features that a fundraising software should have to make it convenient for experienced users.

The system is flexible and fast, and it can seamlessly integrate with other programs that can help you maximize your fundraising results. With one-click online donations, the software becomes easier to use for donors and also allows nonprofits to collect data and expand their donor base easily. The donation forms are easily shareable on social media platforms, and several analytical metrics are also available for reporting.


Neon CRM is a fundraising software that allows nonprofits a quick and easy way to keep track of and report on donors, donations, and any ongoing or past fundraising campaigns. NeonCRM is web-based and has a user-friendly interface, which provides easy to use reports as well as a dashboard that is intuitive and logical.

Neon allows nonprofits to set up online donation forms and event registrations, which can be shared through social media easily. The software also allows nonprofits to manage their fundraising campaigns and donors as well as set up an online store for earned revenue. There are several metrics that can provide insight into the fundraising process and campaigns and make reporting a lot easier.


Givingloop is aimed at nonprofits that are looking to streamline their processes with the use of fundraising software. With the focus on recurring donations and monthly giving, Givingloop emphasizes on retaining donors and has a number of features that make it easier for nonprofits to be able to do so, for example, by offering free calls on growth strategies as well as Givingloop Revive which sends out reminders to donors who may have involuntarily churned.

Givingloop allows nonprofits to make their own customized pages where they can take online donations, tell their story to donors, and set up fundraising meters to see how far they’ve gotten to their goal. There are also options for social media sharing and peer-to-peer fundraising, as well as monthly reports that can be sent to donors automatically to keep them satisfied.