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Finding the Right Fundraising Software

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits face in their mission is that of raising funds. It’s challenging to raise money through donations, but it’s even more challenging to raise money for general funds, as compared to a specific project or area. However, there are ways to raise funds for general operations as well, and, nowadays, there are many software and apps available to make the management of such funds more straightforward.

A common name in the fundraising sector is Qgiv; however, many other options are available. Different software are suited to different kinds of nonprofit. Let’s compare Qgiv to other fundraising apps to see which one is better for your organization.


Qgiv is a great payment processor for nonprofits because of the features it provides that make donations easier. Qgiv gives nonprofits an easy option to build donation pages with customizable donation forms and is simple and intuitive to use, making it easy for users of all experience levels.

It has an interface that is compatible with most devices, which is an excellent feature since most users nowadays access the internet and make donations on their mobiles. It also has recurring gift options and makes suggestions for donation levels. There is a basic plan that allows smaller nonprofits to operate for free, while larger ones can make payments and access more features.


Donorbox is an online solution for nonprofits that provides a platform for receiving donations, specifically designed to make it easier for them to manage their fundraising as well as their donor management. It gives nonprofits with several important features that allow them to achieve their operations more efficiently. It also offers features for recurring donations and gift matching, which can lead to sustainable growth for the organization. There are also payment processing tools, and Donorbox takes great care to make sure that all donor information is secure.

Raiser’s Edge

Raiser’s Edge is a cloud-based fundraising software that also provides features for donor management. It allows for better growth for the organization by using analytics metrics to assess the likelihood of prospects becoming donors and targeting them appropriately. It uses communication tools to help nonprofits engage with their donors through email and social media and understand their donation activity and behavior.


Givingloop aims at nonprofit organizations that are trying to streamline their processes with the aid of fundraising software. With a focus on recurring donations as well as monthly giving, Givingloop highlights the importance of retaining donors and has an extensive list of features that allow nonprofits to do so with ease.

It also allows nonprofits to create their own unique pages where they can offer information about themselves, take donations online, and set up fundraising meters to calculate how much is left to reach their goal. There are also a few options for social media sharing and peer-to-peer fundraising, along with monthly reports that can be automatically sent to donors to keep them satisfied.