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Here’s Why You Should Use Paypal Donate Button for Nonprofits

What is Pay Pal?

Founded in 1998, PayPal is an American company that provides online money transfer and payment options on an international level. It’s a fast, modern update to using paper money for both personal and business transactions.

How PayPal Can Help Your Nonprofit

PayPal offers nonprofit organizations that are certified as a 501(c)(3) charity the chance to accept donations through their platform with a lower transaction rate.

The organization will need to provide the relevant documentation to prove that they are a registered nonprofit including their IRS statement, a mission statement, and their bank statement.

The organization will also need to be registered on PayPal with a business account. From there, they may use PayPal Checkout as their donation platform.

PayPal offers a flat-rate discounted fee for nonprofits for transactions that range between $0 to $100,000. In addition to this, there are no extra or hidden fees for setting up your account, withdrawals, cancellations, or statements.

Why PayPal Donate Button for Nonprofits is a Good Idea

1. It’s Simple to Use

PayPal lets your donors pay with a single button through their credit/debit cards or their own PayPal account. The process is fast, efficient and can be automated so that donors have the option of giving monthly donations. The button is easily embedded on your website or in your emails to make things even simpler.

2. It’s Fast and Hassle Free

Donors can choose to stay logged in with One Touch payments which make the process of donating faster than ever with Express Checkout.

3. You Can Still Accept In-Person Donations

With PayPalHere, you can accept payments through a card or PayPal right from your smartphone or tablet. The transaction fees are at a discounted rate of 2.7%, making this a perfect way for collecting donations in person without

4. Quick Access to Funds

There’s no waiting around with PayPal. When a donor makes a gift, it only takes a few minutes for the amount to show up in your PayPal account. You can then transfer that money to your bank account for no additional charge.

5. Easily Track Donations

Having data on your donations and transactions is invaluable for making strategic choices. With PayPal, you will be able to download monthly statements and transaction information with ease or give access to your staff for organizational purposes.

6. Secure Donations

PayPal is a trusted service. It has automatic fraud screening and is a PCI compliant service leaving you and your donors with a sense of security, so you don’t need to worry about faulty transactions.

Choosing to use PayPal’s fundraising tools can help speed up the way your organization accepts, processes, and analyzes its fundraising.