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How to add a Donate button to your website

Adding a donate button to your website helps you convert more web traffic into contributing donors. It offers a simple way for visitors to choose to donate. Instead of mailing a check or visiting your nonprofit in-person, they can instantly submit the payment online.

The donate button is also highly-visible, which makes it an effective call-to-action. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should learn how to add a donate button to your website.

Choose the right tool for donations

There are quite a few different tools that allow you to add a payment or donation button. These options include tools from major online payment processing platforms, such as Stripe or PayPal. 

Besides individual payment processing services, there are other options for accepting online donations. These options include online donation platforms that are built specifically for nonprofits.

An online donation platform includes more than a donation button. You also receive a complete online fundraising solution. For example, at GivingLoop, we help you guide your donors to easily setup monthly recurring donations, and we advise you on how to market your donation page.

Ask your developer to add the button

After selecting a tool for accepting online payments, you need to add the donation button to your website. Most tools provide a widget or form that you can easily embed on your website. If you have a website developer that manages your website, you may need to ask for their assistance to add the necessary code. 

At GivingLoop, we give you the option of owning a whole donation page that allow you to showcase your story, mission, and staff to help attract new donors, to which you link your Donate button. Or a simple widget that is embeddable inside your web pages.

Keep track of conversions and other metrics

Your job doesn’t stop at choosing and implementing the proper tools. You need to have the tools to track and measure the effectiveness of the tools with your website visitors.

Keeping track of these metrics allows you to analyze the performance of your online marketing efforts. You can determine what is working and what needs improvement. 

For example, you may find that one web page tends to convert better than another page. Comparing the variations between the pages may help you make a few simple changes and gain more donors.

Adding a donation button to your website should not be a complicated task. There are many useful tools and resources available to help you with this process, if you think you need one-on-one free help, throw us a message!