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How to Make a Nonprofit Fundraising Plan

For any nonprofit, having a solid fundraising plan is essential. Successful nonprofits are the ones that manage to exceed their goals year after year, and they only manage to do so because they have a consistent fundraising plan in place.

No matter how big or small your nonprofit is, it needs a fundraising plan. Why? To be able to do anything, you need to have established what direction you want to go in and how. By making a fundraising plan, your entire organization can stay focused and on-task for the whole year and deal with any trouble you face in a much more strategic and efficient manner.

You could find a sample nonprofit fundraising plan by merely looking through the internet; however, each plan is customized to the nonprofit it is specific to. Therefore, it is better to keep in mind how to go about writing one.

Get Everyone Together

Since the fundraising plan will involve everyone in your organization, you want to bring all the relevant people together to get their support and input. It is always best to get top-down support by involving your board members and taking their advice.

Set Goals

Of course, the fundraising plan should highlight what goals you want your organization to achieve and how. These should be based on what funds you need to keep the organization running. You’ll have to look at your costs and expenses over the last few years to make your estimated budget and then set an amount you want to raise. You could even build on this goal, depending on your expectations for growth.

Align With Your Mission

Once you’ve set your goals, you need to look at one very important thing: are these goals aligning with your mission? If your fundraising objectives are not in line with the organization’s purpose, this might raise a red flag to your donors. Make sure you know exactly how your fundraising would help you carry out your mission.

Be Detailed

After you’ve aligned your mission, you need to be able to go into the specifics, i.e., how you want to raise those funds and what you will do to carry those out. List down all the techniques and strategies you will be using. Make budgets for each of these. Try and brainstorm any possible challenges you may face in carrying them out.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Does your organization have its own strategy? You’d want to make sure your fundraising plan aligns with it. Many nonprofits create plans for different time periods – a year, three years, five years. The one year plan should be precise; however, the 3 and 5-year plans can be broader, and you can change them depending on the circumstances.

Mark Your Calendars

At different times of the year, fundraising activity is very different. Make sure you mark the calendars to remind yourself when the peak season starts and what you want to be done with by then. If you have any events planned, mark those as well and start planning for them.

Fundraising plans are not static; they change along with the organization. If at any time you think you may have to edit something, go ahead and do it. Your plan should always be as realistic as possible.

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