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How to Make an Impressive Monthly Giving Program Welcome Pack

What is a Monthly Giving Program?

As the name suggests, a monthly giving program will enable donors to contribute to your organization on a monthly basis. This is a great strategy for nonprofits, both in terms of donor retention and in terms of financial sustainability.

Having a steady stream of donations every month will give your organization more security than if you were to get a larger donation in one go from a donor who you can’t rely on for a second donation.

How to Create Welcome Pack

A welcome pack is something that you would send to your donor after the first time they donated to your organization. Whether this is the first time they’ve donated to your mission, or if it’s the first time they are donating as part of your monthly giving program, how you respond in during period is crucial.

When a donor is ‘testing the waters’ so to speak of how your organization responds to donations, this is the time when you should aim to make the biggest impact, so the donor is encouraged to stick around and continue their relationship with you.

A good welcome pack should include the following elements;

A Personalized Letter

This is essential if you want to build a connection with your donor. Nothing will be quite as bad as sending your donor a generic letter that is impersonal and cold. If you want to show your donor how they are valued, have an executive sign the letter and use details about the client that can be relevant in constructing the letter, so it truly feels like it is meant just for them.

A Magazine or Leaflet with Organizational Details

You don’t need a massive, glossy magazine to impress donors. Just make sure you have something that shows the donor how active your organization is and shows them how their money will be used to make a difference. It helps them get a more detailed understanding of exactly what you have done or plan on doing and may encourage them to feel more excited about sticking around.

Timeline of Upcoming Events

If there are any upcoming events, whether they’re volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, exhibitions or information sessions, give your donor a full list that they can refer back to if they feel they are interested in partaking. It’ll show them that they have ways to interact with your organization and be a part of your mission in ways other than just donating money.

You can play around with these components and come up with your own unique way of displaying the work you’ve done. If you’re sending an electronic welcome pack, you can incorporate videos of things you’ve accomplished for more impact, and give donors the option of integrating events directly into their calendars for their comfort.

It’s all about how to connect in a way that resonates with them and makes them want to stay around for longer.