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Monthly Giving Programs Done Right

Recurring gifts are not just beneficial for your nonprofit monetarily, but they also provide an excellent way for your donors to feel connected to the organization.

With today’s environment built on instant gratification, you have to keep in mind that donors want quick updates on how their money is being spent, and having a monthly giving program that revolves around one activity is a great way to go about it.

Here are some monthly giving programs examples:


charity:water is a nonprofit aimed at bringing clean, safe water to people living in developing countries, and works towards solving the water crisis. The charity’s monthly giving program is called The Spring, and the impact of donations collected through it is made clear by specifically communicating that a $60 donation per month gives 24 people clean water every year. The money they raise also provides training for maintenance teams in the project area.

With this information, any donor who wants to donate to The Spring gets a quantified measure of the impact their contribution will make, and thus have more faith in the organization that is getting their contributions.


Based in San Francisco, the mission Watsi set for themselves is to provide healthcare for everyone in the world. The organization has a small team, and they partner up with top healthcare organizations to fund healthcare with low costs and avoid high overhead.

The Universal Fund, which is their monthly giving program, lets donors fund the treatment of new patients each month by sending in recurring gifts. The entirety of the donated amount is used to support a needy patient’s healthcare.

Donor’s first donations are also matched by the organization’s healthcare partner, Tencent. Sometimes, the organization pitches in a more significant amount.

By communicating the impact made by their donations, you can earn the confidence of your donors. With no limits on the amount that can be donated, donors can give what’s most convenient for them. Every penny counts!

The Adventure Project

The Adventure Project works towards creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs in impoverished areas. They provide job training, tools, and uniforms, etc. to people living in poverty with the aim of empowering them so they can earn a living and send their children to school.

The monthly giving program that the Adventure Project runs is called The Collective, and it provides specialized support to entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will then, in turn, help about 500 of their neighbors in receiving healthcare, clean water, healthy food, and a safer environment.

The driving claim of this program is that every $1 donated contributes to $2.30 of income for an entrepreneur and helps them move out of extreme poverty.

Showing the impact of your program is a marketing tactic that is guaranteed to succeed. A successful donation program will provide your nonprofit with a steady revenue stream and make your donors feel like they have a relationship with the organization as well as the people on the receiving end of their donations.

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