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Must-Haves of a Good Monthly Giving Program

It’s pretty exciting to get a $1000 contribution, there’s no doubt about it. But it should also be equally exciting to get a $10 contribution every month. It’s not about the money – sure, 12 donations of a small amount will eventually collect into a bigger one, but what’s truly important is the fact that donors trust your organization enough to consider monthly giving. Best practices for nonprofits include, first and foremost, sustaining good, loyal relationships with donors.

Monthly giving on its own is about loyalty and commitment, and a sense of community. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a good monthly giving program.

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Brand names aren’t just limited to for-profits. Nonprofits can have brand names too – after all, a brand is the label that builds the community. By naming your monthly giving program, you can develop the brand, and offer the opportunity for greater loyalty towards your organization.

By building the sense of community and belonging, you encourage loyalty and improve not just engagement, but also retention rates. The ‘official’ feeling of the program that comes with it having a label also lends the program credibility and allows for better recall.

Value Statement

A value statement is a declaration of the organization’s priorities and beliefs. This will tell your donors why they should give monthly. If the general default is one-time gifting, then your organization should convince donors that monthly giving is better.

And it’s true! Monthly giving helps sustain the mission you are set out on, and helps avoid the discrepancies that come with the ebb and flow of the calendar, and allows you to rely on predictable contribution income. You’ll have to be creative with how you approach this, so you can appeal to your donors.

Dedicated Webpage and Donation Page

Don’t let your program just be a passing mention on your website. Give it the real estate it deserves – if you want your program to grow, it must be visible and right up there with one-time giving. This will let donors know that there are two options.

Since monthly donors are more valuable, you would also want to dedicate more space for your monthly giving program. By giving it its own page, you can mention how monthly giving is more sustainable for your organization’s mission, and how it can benefit the donor as well. You can also build onto the brand by mentioning statistics to highlight the successes.

Quantify Impact and Suggest Giving Levels

Just as with one-time gifting, by quantifying your impact, you can show that the donor’s monthly giving really made a difference. This will help your donors understand the potential impact of what they give – or what they could give, if they are not monthly donors yet.

Instead of simply converting your one-time gifts into monthly ones, you can also make separate levels for your monthly program, and set it apart. This way, you’ll be able to encourage higher gift sizes from people who want to give more, and also simply retain those who can’t give too much but would like to contribute regularly anyway.

The fundamentals of a successful monthly giving program are quite simple – but they require a clear idea of the organization’s brand and why the donors should consider it above any other nonprofit.

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