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Nonprofit Crowdfunding Success Stories

Amateur Fight Nights Rake in a MILLION Dollars

The Aprons for Gloves nonprofit organization has pulled of one of the great success stories of the year with million dollar fight nights to benefit the most neglected segment of the community. This organization seeks to use the power of boxing to create financial independence for at-risk women and youth and also to empower them through learning self defense and building high self esteem. The nonprofit has successfully created awareness and compassion in the community that will promote philanthropy and benefit vulnerable people. Through boxing, these people are developing a sense of purpose, finding their place in the community and also developing amazing health and fitness in the process. The nonprofit is helping many, including vulnerable women and survivors of domestic violence.

At-risk individuals are invited to build a funding campaign to raise $2000 that will make them eligible for training and Fight Nights. They are provided a platform to support their funding cause. Fight Nights are popular sports events that see cheering and excitement go through the roof. The ticket sales are reinvested to help the cause.

This exciting event sees tremendous contributions when a participant’s network learns that their friend will be fighting on stage. They not only contribute generously but also turn into enthusiastic brand ambassadors to publicize and support the cause.  

Homes for Everyone

The World Housing nonprofit organization is striving to build homes for slum dwellers around the world. So far it has built 605 amazing homes for 3025 people in the Philippines, Colombia, Cambodia, Haiti, Mexico and El Salvador.

The organization is collaborating with successful local philanthropic groups to bolster their campaigns. For instance, they have joined hands with Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines to build quality homes. Gawad Kalinga is a highly respected and phenomenally successful group. It has provided houses to over 70,000 people and is helping them to become self reliant and independent. It is actively campaigning for communities to reach out and help the poor in their plight. It has already reduced economic disparity in several communities.

In Cambodia, the group has joined hands with philanthropist Scott Neeson, the founder of Cambodian Children’s Fund. This fruitful collaboration has resulted in 360 homes for more than 1800 people in a short time period of only two years.

The World Housing Foundation does much more than just building comfortable homes for the disadvantaged. It also trains its grateful tenants to become the purveyors of change. It encourages them to perpetuate the campaign of positive change in the community. This way, their effort becomes increasingly self sustaining and more powerful since every family that receives a house becomes a lifelong supporter of the cause along with the neighborhood. Every new home brings hope, dignity and self reliance for occupants and the community.

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