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Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Whether your nonprofit is a small startup or a large, well-established organization, choosing online fundraising software for nonprofits to help you with your organizational operations is a process that requires a good amount of research and consideration.

There are many different kinds of software out there, all suited to nonprofits, and have their own set of features. How do you pick the right one for your organization?


Qgiv is a comprehensive platform that offers a large variety of features, including donations and allowing donors to sign up for any events you may be holding. There is also the option for peer-to-peer fundraising, and all of these features are also suitable for mobile interfaces. The reporting and tracking tools make keeping up with donation campaigns and decision-making easier. Qgiv is also integrated with various other software platforms that allow your nonprofit to stay organized.

Double the Donation

Double the Donation provides software plugins to your organization’s donation forms that allow donors to see if there are companies that would be matching their donations. Usually, donors are unaware of matching programs; however, with this simple tool, they would be able to put in a matching request to get your organization more funds.


Bloomerang is software that aims to help nonprofits retain donors and increase contribution income as much as possible. The software provides features like records of donors, the best time to contact donors, and donor engagement levels to be able to make future fundraising decisions more efficient. The software is optimized for mobile use and has the option to share the fundraising page on social media to bring in more leads.

Raiser’s Edge

Raiser’s Edge is an all-in-one fundraising platform that is designed to improve how your nonprofit operates while boosting fundraising. The software has a number of tools that help streamline your organization’s performance and raise funds as efficiently as possible. It also has features that let you see which donors are at the risk of churning, helping you take action and engage them more to help retain as many donors as possible.


Givingloop is online platform that focuses on retention for nonprofits as much as possible. It provides nonprofits with their own branded page that is customizable that they can share with their social platforms. Givingloop allows donors to make donations through multiple payment processing tools. It also helps nonprofits retain donors by sending out monthly reports and pleasant reminders to any donors that may have become inactive so you can retain them longer. Givingloop also allows your donors to fundraise for your cause and share your page on their social media to help you grow your donor base.