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Nonprofit Newsletters that Engage

The email newsletter is one of the most viable communication channels for engaging customers and important stakeholders. It’s a great way for motivating and updating your target audience.

These tips will help you to craft the most engaging newsletters for your nonprofit organization:


Writing down newsletter strategy will skyrocket the effectiveness of your emails. That’s because documented strategy gives you a clear path to success.

You should sit down with your marketing team to formulate and prioritize key objectives. You should also work out metrics to understand progress made towards the objectives. For instance, you could measure the number of inspirational stories you send each month. Alternatively, you could follow the amount of tangible outcomes that are reported in each newsletter.

By noting down the strategy, you will understand your target audience and customize your newsletter content accordingly.

Make an Attractive Layout

The design format should be crisp, clear and easy to follow. It should be mobile-friendly. You will need to write on a single column to spare horizontal scrolling for mobile readers.

Google’s Think Insights on Mobile showed that bounce rates increase to 61 percent if the website does not appear correctly on visitor’s mobile devices. 48% of respondents believe that the business does not care if they cannot view the site correctly on mobile. Hence, taking care of the mobile aspect is of great importance.

Design a unique logo and consistently use good fonts and colors. These elements will later become your brand’s signature visual identity. This consistency should extend across your website and social media channels as well. A visually appealing and consistent design will bolster brand image.

Catchy Headlines

We all know that subscribers’ inboxes face an unremitting onslaught of emails, all of them vying for the readers’ attention. So your email should stand out. This means crafting meaningful headings that resonate with readers. Subject lines should be succinct: 50 characters or less. Keeping the subject line brief is imperative so that the reader can catch the gist of your message quickly. Use humor to catch the reader’s attention, where appropriate.

Give individual attention to engage the reader. Address readers by their names in the subject lines.

Refrain from hyperbole and misleading clickbait-style headlines. These will relegate your newsletters to the trash.

Content Quality

Meaningful content is necessary to motivate readers. Catchy headlines are of little use if content is not good enough. Keep the interests and attitude of your target audience in mind to create well-directed content. Special offers, discounts and especially free stuff are proven engagement tools that really work.


Divide your subscribers into meaningful segments such as geographic locations, interests and past activities. You can then decide engagement strategies for your segments. Send them the right content that matches their interests and activities. The number of loyal readers will increase.

 Consistent Schedule

Send your newsletters in regular periodic fashion. Don’t send too frequently. This can overwhelm readers. Infrequent newsletters will show lack of interest. One to two newsletters a week is fine.  Send newsletters at a time when readers will most likely read them. You can use analytics offered by your email service provider.

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