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Nonprofits for Education

A big problem around the world today is the fact that schooling is not accessible to everyone. A multitude of reasons could be contributing to this problem, from education being dominated by privatized, profit-motivated organizations to economic conditions forcing many children to work odd jobs from a young age to provide for their families.

About 92% of classrooms have students where their families are unable to afford school supplies, and there is only so much that teachers and school administration can do to fill the gap.

To remedy this sorry state of affairs, many organizations are turning to school donation websites to be able to raise money for education.


Support-a-School is a crowdfunding website that is open for use for educators and teachers who may be looking for an affordable way to raise funds for their classroom projects. The website requires a proposal that explains how the project will enhance learning for students and start up a fundraising campaign. If the campaign exceeds the goal, the money is spent on similar projects at the same school, or the original project can be expanded.

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is an online charity where individuals can give to teachers and students directly. It provides donors with extra convenience by allowing them to browse causes by filtering through locations, materials needed, and the intensity with which they need donations. Classrooms are profiled, and the required materials are quantified so that donors can view them. Instructors also present a statement to allow for authenticity. When a user selects a classroom, Donors Choose helps with the process, making donations easier for the donor as well as benefactors.


Through GoFundMe is not specifically for raising money for schools, it is an all-purpose crowdfunding website. It allows students to raise money for their education and schools to start fundraising campaigns to meet their needs, start any projects, etc.


ScholarMatch is a crowdfunding platform that aims to provide lower-income students with scholarships so that they may pursue their higher education. They also provide free career mentoring and counseling sessions for high school students who may be looking for such scholarships. Once they have completed their degree, these students are expected to give back to the community by offering similar services and providing help to other people.