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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms

Peer-to-peer fundraising gives your nonprofit an incredible boost in its fundraising efforts as well as its outreach. Peer-to-peer fundraising is great for smaller nonprofits because it allows your donors to spread your cause to people who trust them and will help you recruit loyal donors that answer to your call.

This way, you can not only raise funds but also increase your donor base and strengthen the relationships you have with them by allowing them to take part in making a difference.

There are plenty of free peer-to-peer fundraising platforms available online that can help you.


Donately have peer-to-peer pages that boast a 14% conversion rate, which is significantly larger than the 1% to 2% that is generally reported with donation forms. Donately allows your donors to fundraise on behalf of your nonprofit and add their own social connections to the page so people can help them spread the word even further. Donately allows your campaign its own page and has different pricing tiers for nonprofits to choose from.


When it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising, Salsa’s main focus is to make the process simpler for nonprofits. By involving donors, Salsa aims to empower them using social platforms and let them join in on the process of fundraising and make them feel part of the organization’s mission itself. Salsa also allows nonprofits to coach their teams to allow for better, more substantial efforts. Each nonprofit gets its own pages, and Salsa offers the convenience of a mobile app as well as a dashboard with some analytics for easier reporting.


Fundly allows each donor to make their own pages to raise funds. What’s special about Fundly is that it has blog-like updates which allow you to share videos and photos with your donors, inspiring them into taking part and interacting with your campaign and other donors to create a community. There are social media sharing options and customizable email templates that you can send out and also come with the convenience of a mobile application.


Snowball offers fundraising tools for organizations of different sizes that include intuitive peer-to-peer fundraising options for donors who would like to make donations online. These tools make achieving better conversion rates easier for smaller nonprofits and allow them to have access to some analytics for easier reporting and understanding. There is also a fundraising thermometer to see how far you’ve gotten to your goal.


Givingloop is an online platform that focuses on retention for nonprofits as much as possible. It provides nonprofits with their own customizable branded page that they can share to their social platforms. Donors can share this page to their own social media and raise funds on behalf of their nonprofit of choice. Givingloop allows donors to make donations easily through multiple payment processing tools.