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Recurring Fundraising for Nonprofits

Coming up with concepts for recurring fundraisers can be challenging creatively. If you’re holding fundraiser events every month, you can’t think of something new every time. On the other hand, you can’t be too dull or, the donors will stop coming.

For repeat events, such as those held every week or month, you want something that is guaranteed to help you raise substantial funds for your cause while also being engaging for the visitors.

Here are some recurring fundraising ideas that are fan favorites and bound to help you with your regular fundraising.

Cooking Contests

With the recent popularity of reality TV shows involving cooking, you could raise funds by holding cooking contests, where participants can pay to enter, or people can pay to taste each dish before they cast their vote. By giving supporters the option to sign up for either cooking or judging, you can appeal to a broader audience, and it is a quick and affordable way of raising funds that allows your supporters to have fun as well.

Talent Show

These can be as high-end or as low-end as you want and easily crowdsourced. By holding talent shows with an entry fee and having the option to pay and cast votes, you can set up a fun event for people that will benefit both your organization as well as the contestants by providing them a platform for sharing their talent.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This is a great way to raise funds because not only does it bring in donations, it also gets your supporters to take action for your cause. By allowing your supporters to set up peer-to-peer fundraising pages, they can reach out to their friends and family and get their own community to donate to you as well. It expands your reach, brings in funds, and involves your supporters being an active part of the process.

Matching Gift Drives

Matching gift drives are a way to tap into the potential donations that corporations could make. As part of their corporate social responsibility programs, many companies support matching gifts where a donor’s contribution is matched by a corporation and added to your donation pool. This kind of drive doesn’t even have to be held once in a while and can be a consistently ongoing process. The fact that a corporation is donating to your nonprofit also gives it reliability and makes regular people trust your organization.

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