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Selecting Fundraising Software

Any nonprofit organization needs a robust fundraising software to carry out its functions efficiently. Because many donations these days take place over the internet, nonprofits need to step up their game and use digital tools to help them carry out functions that would otherwise take up a lot of time and energy if being carried out manually.

There are many options for fundraising software, such as DoJiggy and Givingloop, that have unique features that make them suited for different kinds of nonprofits.

Let’s look at some of Givingloop and DoJiggy’s competitors and compare them.


DoJiggy is a nonprofit fundraising software that works for all kinds of nonprofits and emphasizes maximizing fundraising efforts and building relationships with donors. It helps nonprofits raise funds online and has simple crowdfunding features to give donors the option to take part in your organizational mission. The software allows the nonprofit to make a simple campaign for online giving and has options for recurring giving.

The donation pages are optimized for mobile use, which makes them simpler for donors since most of them will be accessing the page through mobile devices. The platform is free to use, and the payment required is for the donation processing service offered. It also allows nonprofits to manage their events and set up online stores to sell merchandise and raise earned revenue to help with the nonprofit’s operations.


DonorPerfect is a fundraising software option for nonprofits that allow them to manage their fundraising efficiently. The software is accessible by many users, regardless of their location, and has a simple click-and-give system that makes it easier for donors to make donations since they are not required to input their information each time. The system can save donor information into the nonprofit’s archives.

It allows nonprofits to create forms that are customizable and configured for the needs of the organization, and these can be shared to various social media sites. There are also several analytics metrics available to measure performance, such as donor retention and contribution revenue. DonorPerfect also allows you to send acknowledgment emails to donors using simple marketing tools.


Givingloop is an excellent choice for nonprofits looking for fundraising software that can help them streamline their processes and raise funds faster. The software allows nonprofits to make their own branded page for online donations and communicating their mission and story to donors. It also allows them to set up fundraising meters to see how close they are to their goal and focuses on recurring donations to emphasize the importance of donor retention. It also provides tools to focus on retaining donors who may have churned. Givingloop also allows for social media sharing and peer-to-peer fundraising as well as sending reports to donors monthly to keep them updated on the organization’s activities.