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Setting Up a Donation Page

Often, organizations overlook the importance of having an excellent website. In the digital age, whenever people want to know more about something, they look at the site first. If the site does not encourage donations,  donors probably won’t bother making one.

Sometimes organizations add a link to their PayPal to their website, and while this is a start, it is not the only thing you need to do. Donation pages on websites make things a lot easier if you utilize them correctly. Once you have one set up, it’s much easier for people to make donations and even cuts down on the administrative hassle of processing these donations.

So how do you set up charity donation pages?

First, you should consider what a successful donation page should look like. Ideally, it should:

  • Ask visitors to make a donation
  • Make the donors feel comfortable by giving them the details they may want, such as where the donations are used and how
  • Process the donation immediately
  • Send an automated receipt to donors
  • Send the donor information to your database

Keeping these in mind, you can set up a donation page on your website that features a form that donors can fill with their information. This form shouldn’t be too long; otherwise, you risk irritating donors by having them share so many personal details. At the same time, the form should be detailed enough to collect the information you need.

Set up your payment processing account within the page to be able to get donations and process them immediately. Make sure you set up automated receipts and thank-you emails to your donors that will be sent out immediately.

Add a button to share the page to social media for added reach and make sure to add the donate button at the very front page of your website as well as your socials. If you are using a third-party service to create your donation page, make sure to customize it to your organization.

It would be best to keep in mind that most people nowadays use mobile phones to access the internet, so the page should have a mobile-friendly interface and be easy to use on all devices.

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