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The 3 Best Monthly Giving Program Names & Branding

Monthly giving programs that support recurring donations continue to reign supreme for nonprofits. Although large donations are extremely valuable and should be pursued, monthly donations are a more reliable and sustainable form of fundraising. As such, it is important that nonprofits set up monthly donation programs.

A great way to attract donors to your recurring donation program is to give it a really catchy name, that not just shows the message of the brand but also make donors feel they are part of something very special.

Here are the 3 best monthly giving programs that have been created ny nonprofits:

Charity: water — The Spring

This nonprofit aims to bring clean drinking water to developing countries and serves to solve the water crisis in the world. As of March 2018, the organization has raised over $300 million. Founded by former nightclub promoter, Scott Harrison, the organization is supported by private sponsors and spends 1005 of its donations towards the organization’s mission.

The Program: The Spring

Charity: water’s monthly donation program sprung up from the nonprofit’s annual program “Donate your Birthday”. The Spring makes it easy for donors to see the impact their monthly donation can make by pointing out facts like $6o dollars a month can provide “24 people with clean water every year.” It also consists of a chart that shows how many people the donors have helped by their contribution in different countries.

By making your donors the star, the nonprofit has raised millions of dollars for a wonderful cause.

Team Rubicon — Support Squad

Team Rubicon was created by two U.S. Marines, Jake Wood, and William McNulty, in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake to help with rescue and relief efforts. The nonprofit recruits army veterans to act as volunteers to help out underserved populations. Currently, the nonprofit has responded to over 275 operations in communities devastated by natural calamities.

The Program: Support Squad

By investing in the nonprofit’s monthly giving program, you become part of the Support Squad group and are “ready to make a difference,” the website says. For example, if you are donating $100 a month, the nonprofit tells you it will go towards “Incident Management Training” of the volunteers which is essential for rescue and relief operations. When donors join the Support Squad, Team Rubicon makes them feel invested in the mission’s outcome by providing them with all organization updates, stories from the affected people and detailing how their donation is directly impacting those in need.

The Adventure Program — The Collective

This nonprofit works to create entrepreneurial opportunities in overlooked and impoverished areas. Founded by Jody Landers and Becky Straw, The Adventure Program (TAP) provides tools, job training, financial training and uniforms to people so that they can earn a living, support the community and help in eradicating poverty.

The Program: The Collective

TAP’s monthly supporters are known as The Collective. The nonprofit keeps its donors engaged by letting them know “Your generous monthly support will give people the tools to start their business, the skills to become profitable, and the dignity of being able to care for their children and their communities”. Donors also receive monthly reports about the organization’s programs, including stories by entrepreneurs in disadvantaged countries, who are the recipients of the donor’s money.

To hook your donor into a successful recurring donation program, it is a good idea to give your monthly program a relevant name, something that resonates with your supporters and make them feel invested in your mission. Not only will you get a sustainable stream of ongoing profits, but you will also create a lasting relationship with your supporters. You can learn from the strategies implemented by these successful nonprofits which can help you improve your own organization’s monthly giving program.

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