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Tips for a Good Fundraising Catch Phrase

If you’re running your own nonprofit, you would know how important it is to have a good tagline for your organization. It is important to remember that people don’t give to faceless entities. They give to other people, to change lives and save them, and because they were asked to.

At the base of every fundraising campaign, there are people.

Thus, it is important to come up with a good fundraising catch phrase that will appeal to donors and make them see your organization as one that will bridge the gap between them and the society they want to help.

Focus on the Donor

Many nonprofits tend to spend a lot of time talking about themselves. They use words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ that will imply that the work done is being carried out by them. By using the word ‘you,’ or by specifying somehow that ‘we’ and ‘us’ also includes the donors and it’s not just about the organization, you can avoid having your donors feel excluded and unappreciated.

By making sure your messaging is focusing on the donor, you can make them feel valued and remove the walls between you and them. When donors feel like their contributions are appreciated, they are likely to donate again.

Adding a Reason

If you are making a request in your messaging – whether that is asking donors to donate or even just something as simple as spreading the word – make sure to include the reasons for your requests, by using the word ‘because’

When asked to give without a reason, people are more likely to refuse. Thus, when making a request to give, make sure to mention the reason. Why should people give? And why should they give to you and not another organization?  Make clear why you’re asking for contributions to increase the donations you get – whether that’s in number or in size.

Minimize Size

Words like ‘small’ and ‘few’ or ‘little’ are magic words in fundraising. Most people will turn away at the idea of a very large sacrifice all of a sudden, but by using these words, donors are reminded that their gifts do not have to be big ones, and that smaller ones are just as helpful. This way, they will feel good about giving even the smallest of contributions and will then be more likely not just to donate, but to become a repeat donor. Smaller amounts can build up to a large one, so this is helpful for your organization as well.

Thanking Donors

Showing gratitude and saying thank you is taught to us since our formative years, but it turns out thanking donors is a key element of fundraising. Research shows that donors who received extra ‘thank you’s gave more gifts and donations that those who did not.

Always make sure to thank your donors to remind them that they have an important role to play in the success of your organization, and remember to do so regularly and not just when you are about to make a request. Saying ‘thank you’ also reminds donors that they have given before and reinforces a positive sense of self for them, which could motivate them to give more.

By using appreciative language in your catchphrase, you can inspire more donations.