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Tips for your Nonprofit’s Newsletter Design

Newsletters can be a valuable element of the marketing strategy you devise for your nonprofit. It gives you the potential to build a strong relationship with your donors, and improve the one you already have, as well as driving traffic to your website and hence boosting donations. With newsletters, you can also gather volunteers and spread awareness of any events that you may be holding.

Once the newsletter drops into their inbox though, you have to find a way to entice them to read it. Though your content may be great, if readers find a jumble of information or low-quality images, they may not want to read it. It’s important for your newsletter to be uncluttered and easy to read.

For nonprofit newsletters, templates can be easily found, but you should choose carefully. The design should be as clean as possible, and personalized so that your brand is easy to recognize.

There are some key elements that your newsletter should include.

Information Hierarchy

This is just a fancy term for putting your content in an order that makes sense to readers. The most urgent message should come at the top so that people can see it first. The rest of your information should be arranged from most to least important.

Images and Visuals

When you want to attract attention, image is the best way to do so. Most people react and remember visuals better than text, so make sure to include a few images and graphics, but try not to go overboard. Too many images might make it look cluttered and distract the readers from the content you are trying to deliver.

Include a Blurb about your Nonprofit

For people who may not be familiar with your organization, it’s a good idea to give a short introduction of who you are, what your mission is and link to the about page on your website. This can be a small box on the side, and doesn’t have to be the main focus, but it will definitely increase the number of links to your website.

Social Media

Sharing your social media pages will help grow your online presence, and also encourage them to keep in contact with your organization. You can also include social sharing links, so that people can share any content they want with their networks. This way you can increase your audience and spread awareness.

With a donate button, you can actively encourage donations. If the newsletter calls for action, then maybe if your readers weren’t thinking about donating before, they may be thinking about it now. Make it easier for them by including a button that takes them directly to the donate page.

Unsubscribe Button

Though you don’t want people to unsubscribe from your newsletter, this is not only required by law, but is also important for you to maintain your relationships with your donors. If they find your newsletter annoying, it may impact their perception of your organization as a whole, and you might lose customers.