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Top 5 Credit Card Processing Tools for Nonprofits

When running a nonprofit, it is a given that you would want a tool that could process payments if you are accepting donations online. These processing tools take care of all the backend operations that are involved in transferring funds from your donors and deposit them into your account.

There are many great options out there that can handle efficient credit card processing for nonprofits. Still, you would naturally want to select the best ones to be able to start taking online donations quickly and easily.

iATS Payments

iATS Payments is a payment processing service formed almost 20 years ago, exclusively to provide nonprofits with a more comfortable and convenient way of accepting donations. Maintaining the highest levels of security, they offer a whole host of payment processing and fundraising solutions. Because it focuses solely on nonprofits, it can provide the best customer service in the industry, and with the crowd of channel partners, offer a seamless transition of all payment processing into one, easy tool regardless of what software you use.


DonateKindly was formed with the intention of providing a simple payment processing tool to nonprofits without any added cost. With a large number of nonprofits opting for DonateKindly, it is ideal for smaller nonprofits that cannot spend too much on payment platforms. DonateKindly also partners with WePay to provide the lowest processing rates. The donation forms are customizable to fit every nonprofit’s needs.


Although Fundly is not like a traditional payment processing tool, it does have features that can help nonprofits accept online donations. Although it is mostly a crowdfunding platform that also allows peer-to-peer services, it is still an excellent way for nonprofits to get online donations securely through a trusted and easy to use interface. To handle the technical aspect, Fundly allows users to use WePay or Stripe and charges a fee per donation with additional card processing fees depending on whether you use WePay or Stripe.


PayPal is a payment processor that allows users to create merchant accounts and is also for businesses to use. PayPal is PCI compliant, so it will enable nonprofits to accept and process donations securely online and onsite with the help of PayPal Here. There is no extra fee for setting up an account, withdrawing funds, or for canceling transfers. PayPal also allows users to transfer money with their own PayPal account and also provides nonprofits with discounts.

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