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Top 5 Nonprofit Direct Mail Companies

In today’s digital age, why should nonprofits continue to use direct mail to appeal to donors? Research from the Data and Marketing Association (which serves both, commercial and nonprofit organizations) shows that response rates continue to grow with direct mail, especially when it is for prospective customers. As such, direct mail continues to be one of the best tools nonprofits can use to attract new donors and to retain current ones.

Some of the most successful organizations use direct mail on top of their digital campaigns to directly complement them. Getting your name, brand, and contact info into the hands of your potential donors is important, and there is no better way to do that than to do it physically.

However, you cannot always go out and distribute flyers – you will need help. Fortunately, there are a number of nonprofit direct mail companies out there who can provide you with the best services for your campaign.

When selecting a direct mail vendor, it is important to look at some factors. Cost and expertise are essential, but other qualities must also be taken into consideration. Capacity is important to make sure the vendor can meet your nonprofits needs, testimonials should be taken from reliable sources or through online discussion portals, as well as the vendor’s ability to use analytics.

Here are the top 5 direct mail vendors for nonprofits:

Mal Warwick Donordigital

Mal Warwick Donordigital is one of the leading names in the direct mail industry and has provided direct mail and telephone engagement programs to nonprofits since 1979. Over time and with the changing environment, they have added mobile and digital fundraising options for nonprofits of all sizes and work with clientele to provide creative, production, reporting, and data management services.

Spectrum Marketing Companies

Spectrum is based in New Hampshire and provides various marketing services for a large number of companies and nonprofits. They offer direct mail services to nonprofits, including personalized letter mailers for multichannel campaigns that the organization may be running, and as such, is a great option for a nonprofit with various chapters.

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs serves more than 3,000 nonprofits around the country with its many services. Salsa offers mailing services alongside donor management and tracking software. It has a dashboard that includes a built-in word processer for drafting fundraising and solicitation letters. It also allows integration of direct mail campaigns with email messaging.

HSP Direct

HSP Direct is a full-service direct fundraising agency that offers services anywhere from copywriting to list management. In operation since 2001, HSP Direct also offers mailing services and data analysis, and mails more than 70 million pieces of mail in a year. It is well-known among political circles and also helps develop targeted campaigns for nonprofits.

Meyer Partners

Meyer is a full-service communications agency for nonprofits, based in Chicago. They aim to create an integrated storytelling approach towards the marketing operations of their clients. Instead of sending the same message out through various channels, Meyer uses data driven analytics to create comprehensive communication to nurture long-term relationships with donors.