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Top Nonprofit Fundraising Platforms

Thanks to the internet, people around the world now have the power to offer their monetary support regardless of their location and expand the reach of any cause simply by interacting with it. There is now a myriad of fundraising platforms for nonprofits where they can easily set up their page and raise funds to make a change.


Causes is a platform that nonprofit organizations and individuals can use to take action. It allows organizations to create their profiles and donors to see the campaigns they are supporting in one place. Nonprofits can also get analytical data to assess how well their campaigns are doing. There is a transaction processing fee, but the website itself does not take any percentage of the donations. However, nonprofits must be 501c3 verified to be able to accept donations through Causes.


Crowdrise offers tools that can be used for fundraising for personal purposes, events, occasions, and even sponsor volunteers. Basic accounts can be made for free while Featured and Royale accounts have a per-month fee. The turn-key solution allows online fundraising to complement the existing fundraising activities that a nonprofit is already running. There is a transaction fee on each donation made through Crowdrise and a credit card processing fee.


FirstGiving allows nonprofits and individuals to raise money for their cause easily. The online tools give nonprofits the ability to manage their events and direct donations and communicate with their donors. Signing up for an account is free, and nonprofits can receive weekly donations while paying a small fee for each donation. The platform also allows anyone to create fundraising pages on behalf of the organization.


JustGive allows organizations various ways to raise funds by letting donors buy gift cards, gift collections, and even wedding registrations. Nonprofits can create a listing on JustGive by signing up with Guidestar; they will then be given a donation page, and a donate button that they can put on their website to lead visitors to the donation page. JustGive also allows nonprofits to download records of the donations made in a spreadsheet format for easy reporting. There is no cost to set up an account; however, there are transaction fees on donations.


Qgiv gives nonprofits their own personalized, branded donation and event pages that they can customize as they like. These are also optimized for mobile viewing, and nonprofits can set up texts, reports, recurring donations, and even on-site donations with the Virtual Terminal. There is a monthly service that does not have any cost. However, the set up costs $199, and there are fees per transaction.


Givingloop is an online platform that allows nonprofits to build their own branded page where they can receive donations through different payment methods. The software emphasizes heavily on the importance of monthly donations and has a detailed recurring donation tool. It offers monthly reports to donors to keep them satisfied and has a Revive technology to bring back any donors that may have churned involuntarily by sending them pleasant reminders. Givingloop does not take any setup or monthly fees but charges 5% of the total donations for access to all its features.