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What Is Crowdrise?

To be able to operate to the best of their ability, nonprofits need fundraising software that will help them in using energy and time efficiently, without having to worry about manually carrying out tasks that can be automated easily. There are several options out there for such software, such as Givingloop or Crowdrise, and each of these come with their own features that make them well suited to a certain kind of nonprofit.

Letโ€™s look at a Crowdrise review.

What Is Crowdrise?

Crowdrise is software for crowdfunding that allows for charitable donations to be made online. Crowdrise was started in 2010 by a few independent creators and was acquired by GoFundMe in 2017.

The fundraising model upon which Crowdrise operates is based on the idea that making charitable donations can be fun, which results in more people making donations, and this will naturally lead to more funds being raised. Crowdrise gamifies the process of giving, using a rewards point system to engage donors and make them participate more in donating and fundraising.

Their primary model is donation based, and their campaigns default to a keep-what-you-raise. Since the software itself is for-profit, it generates income through a platform fee, which is a 5% of each donation received, as well as a payment processing fee of 2.9% and $0.30 per donation. To make it easier for nonprofits, the platform also allows donors to choose whether they want to pay the fee along with the donation, or whether they wish to have the fee subtracted from their donation amount.

Crowdrise Features

Crowdrise offers a number of features to donors and nonprofits.

CRM & Contribution Tracking

The CRM platform allows nonprofits to keep track of their donor base as well as their donation activity.

Campaign Management

Nonprofits can easily manage their various ongoing campaigns at the same time.

Event Management

Event procedures such as planning, scheduling, attendance, and event registrations can become more comfortable for nonprofits as well as for donors and volunteers.

Gift Matching

Gift matching options allow donors to see which corporations are available to match their gifts to provide donations to the nonprofit. Gift matching allows nonprofits to receive more substantial amounts of funds, and lets corporations carry out their corporate social responsibility at the same time.

Mobile Giving

The platform is optimized for mobile use, and donations can easily be made through mobile phones.

Payment Processing

The platform processes all donations made through cards for you and transfers the money to your account automatically.

Recurring Giving

With the emphasis on recurring giving and monthly donation programs, this has become an essential aspect for nonprofits. Crowdrise allows nonprofits to let their donors sign up for recurring giving, which brings in a steady stream of income.

Though Crowdrise has a platform fee and a payment processing fee, it allows a free trial to test it out, and there are no setup costs.