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What Is Funraise?

All nonprofits use fundraising software to make their fundraising process more efficient and streamlined. Using the right software can help increase revenues, while also reaching more donors and gaining the momentum in social fundraising.

Funraise is one such software, with several features that help nonprofits improve their processes as well as handle other aspects of running an organization, such as managing events and donors.

Let’s look at a Funraise review to understand the platform better.

What Is Funraise?

Funraise was founded by members of a nonprofit organization who realized that their organization was spending a large sum of money on using multiple platforms to raise funds online, with different software being used for different tasks. To make the process better and easier, Funraise was built, which integrated all the tools that any organization would need to make their fundraising easier and better. These tools are advanced yet simple to use, and the software contains the added advantage of built-in strategies based on the experience of its co-founders, from branding to donor retention.


A number of features make Funraise an attractive option for nonprofit fundraising software.

Social Fundraising

The software allows you to share your donation pages to social websites; your donors can do the same, allowing them to ask for support from their family and friends and hence raising funds for you.

Fundraising Website

The software lets you build your fundraising website for your nonprofit, where you can set up campaigns or just let your supporters know what your nonprofit stands for and how you aim to make a difference with the funds you raise.

Emails & Text

You can nurture relationships with your donors by setting up automated emails that will send out acknowledgments for donations as well as notify them of any new campaigns that are running. You can also allow them TO use text-to-give, which results in higher engagement and becomes a channel for communication with your donors as well.

Mobile App

Since most people nowadays use mobile phones and apps, the Funraise app makes donating much easier for them, while also becoming easier for you to manage your donations. The app can also be used to receive donations in-person, which would allow donors to give gifts without having to go through the data entry process.

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer-fundraising is also an option with Funraise, where people can set up donation sites for your organization and raise funds for you.


The software also allows you to manage your events and registrations, collecting donations at the event as well as selling tickets. It also manages your guest preferences and attendance that you can analyze later on.

Donation Forms

The software also provides the option to make customizable donation forms that can easily be embedded into your website. These forms can add custom questions, set payment options, and recurring frequencies, as well as incorporate the organization’s branding.

Funraise is a complete, all-encompassing tool for nonprofits based on the experience of other organizations.