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What is Is MemberLeap?

Nonprofit fundraising software is essential for any nonprofit organization looking to streamline its operations and finding a way to manage its functions efficiently. There is plenty of software out there that can do the job, but it can be a challenge to find one that works best for your organization and keeps its specific needs in mind. MemberLeap is one of the software available that manages donor management for a nonprofit organization

Let’s go through a MemberLeap review to understand the platform better.

What Is MemberLeap?

MemberLeap is a membership management platform that functions around a database meant to improve the day-to-day efficiency of an organization by helping it manage its members and handling activities like membership dues, communication, and event planning. For nonprofit organizations, this can be used to manage the donor base as well as all the donations that the nonprofit receives and the fundraising events that they have to plan.


MemberLeap includes several features to help make the process of running a nonprofit easier.

Membership Management

MemberLeap offers a member database system that can track data, make membership plans and notes for specific members. It also provides a directory where you can search for specific members – in this case, donors – based on various criteria. MemberLeap allows users to customize this search to meet your specific needs. There are also forms that prospective members can fill out to get more information on the organization as well as a portal for existing members and donors to access, which allows them to access and edit their own information.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a growing need for many organizations, and nonprofits are not far behind. MemberLeap allows nonprofits to keep track of the interactions they have with their donors and prospects, schedule reminders for follow-ups as well as a referral tool. There are also custom reporting tools to get a better idea of how the organization is doing.

Billing and Payments

There are also features to make online billing and payment easier, which can translate into receiving donations for nonprofits as well as receiving fees for event registration of buying merchandise, etc.

Website Content Management

MemberLeap allows organizations to create responsive and mobile-friendly webpages that can be formatted to meet their needs. These pages can have widgets, such as photo slideshows, videos, and documents that can be viewed by visitors, and nonprofits can use these to allow prospects to learn more about their organization before they choose to donate. These pages can also include forms that anyone can fill out, which nonprofits can use for their information collection or donations.


MemberLeap also allows organizations to send out emails and newsletters to lists of members, and these lists are customizable. There is also analytics that let you see open rate, click-through rate, etc. and post newsletters to social media. The platform also gives the option to set up a blog or forum so members and donors can start discussions, read through updates, and get a better idea of how the organization is being run.

MemberLeap is a paid platform, and, while most basic features come with all packages, some will require you to upgrade your plan to meet your nonprofit’s needs better.