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What Is Raiser’s Edge?

For any nonprofit to function well, it needs the support of a nonprofit fundraising software that can help them to use their time and energy more efficiently and not have to spend time manually carrying out tasks that could be automated easily. There are many options for such software, such as Givingloop and Raiser’s Edge, but it is also important for a nonprofit to select the software they use carefully, to make sure that it is suitable for the kind of work they do and help them become more productive.

What Is Raiser’s Edge?

Raiser’s Edge is a product of Blackbaud, which is a global cloud-based software provider that focuses on providing solutions for fundraising, website, and donor management, analytics, etc. Raiser’s Edge is their flagship product, designed to help nonprofit organizations of all kinds with their fundraising and relationship management.

The software has an intuitive interface, allowing users of all experience levels to be able to use the software easily while also having access to all the features that a nonprofit needs from its fundraising software. It also allows data to be visualized in graphs, which makes explanations easier and facilitates any meetings and discussions between members of the organization. Displays can also be customized so that the data is presented in a way that is personalized and relevant to the organization.



Raiser’s Edge provides nonprofits with the infrastructure needed to grow its contribution revenue. You can find new supporters and untapped potential within the existing donor base using some simple tools.


There are some simple analytics metrics that allow you to make sure you are making the right decisions by providing information about prospects and suggesting recommended ask amounts, and informing you of donors that are at risk of lapsing.


Raiser’s Edge allows you to use the right communication tools to engage your donors and deliver the right messages to them at the right time. It also helps you understand how to motivate your donors through reports on campaign performance, which allows you to use that information to motivate them further.


Since the software is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time and is accessible to the entire organization at once instead of requiring each member to access it separately.

Online Donations

The software uses tools to process all online donations and payments through the website directly without the need for manual entry and uses payment processing tools that are widely used.


The software saves donor information into its database that can be collaborated and shared throughout the organization seamlessly. It also allows you to view the information and get a holistic picture of what your donors, prospects, and volunteer database looks like, which can help them make better, more informed decisions in the future.