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What Is Salsa Labs?

As the nonprofit sector grows, so do the tools that cater to them. There are a number of services out there similar to our own organization that aim to help nonprofits carry out their mission by helping them manage their donor base, raise funds online, and use digital marketing tools to expand their reach.

Salsa Labs is one such service that also doubles as a software. But what is Salsa Labs? Let’s look at it in more detail.

How Salsa Labs Began

The organization began as a nonprofit in 2003 in Maryland, under the name Democracy In Action, with its sister site Wired For Change that was aimed at political organizations. In 2007, these two organizations merged, creating Salsa Labs.

Since that time, the nonprofit sector has seen dramatic changes in activities. Donors receive information from multiple sources and expect personal interactions with nonprofits rather than giving in to the one-size-fits-all outreach most nonprofits had in the past.

For quite a while, only larger organizations could afford the tools needed to be able to engage donors in the right way. Salsa set out to rectify this problem, aiming to bring modern, affordable tools to all nonprofits who needed them.

In 2015, Salsa then merged with the donor management platform, DonorPro, to form a powerful donor management platform, and three years later, it was acquired by Accel-KKR.

With such a long history of acquisitions and mergers, Salsa is now one of the leading donor management tools for nonprofits, not just in the United States, but also around the world

What Features Does Salsa Labs Offer?

Salsa has a number of different features that make it a suitable platform for nonprofit use.

Unified Data for Reporting

The platform allows for a better dashboard that will enable you to declutter your information and have one simple, easy and convenient dataset in place that can be used by all relevant members of your organization for segmenting, targeting, and reporting purposes. With this dataset, you can easily track supporters and their activity to plan for the future.


The marketing tools on the platform allow you to save time, money, and resources by automating tedious, routine tasks such a thank you letters, welcome emails and building lists that would have taken hours to build manually. The templates provided make this easier and also offer help with kickstarting campaigns.

Supporter Growth

Growing your donor base is an essential component of fundraising, but not everyone manages to do so easily. To achieve growth, you require intelligent strategies, and the tools needed to build and follow through on those strategies, which are provided by Salsa. These include ad integration, P2P fundraising, and marketing automation, which results in donors being more engaged.

Training and Coaching

Salsa has the technology to keep your nonprofit running – and also the team to fuel your growth. The organization offers coaching and training services on fundraising, advocacy, and other topics that are required for organizations in the nonprofit sector.