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Wild Apricot: Cost-Effective Website Builder

All nonprofits need a website to be able to reach out to their prospects effectively and convey their message. A website is the first impression anyone gets about an organization – regardless of what kind it is. If the website is well-made, visually pleasing, and intuitive, donors are more likely to think of your organization as reliable.

There are many good website builders out there, but nonprofits also have to look at the financial aspect of using one. This is one reason to choose Wild Apricot: cost.

Since nonprofits are often on a budget, they need to be able to find a website builder that can provide them with the features they need while also being cost-effective.

What Features Does Wild Apricot Offer?

Website Building

Creating a website is hard, but Wild Apricot makes it easy by letting you use pre-designed templates and widgets to set up a website, even if you have no experience with coding and programming. You can easily customize it add your organization’s logos and color schemes, and the builder is also compatible with mobile interfaces

Membership Management

Wild Apricot also lets you manage your donors easily, allowing them to sign up and renew their membership online, without the need for your intervention. It also uses the information to set up a member database that you can use to communicate with them, and there are a number of online self-service options that make it easier for them.

Online Store

The Wild Apricot online store allows you to get another revenue stream for your organization, letting you sell items such as branded clothes, hats, and books. You can also set discounted prices for members & donors, and add catalogs to your website to let the public access them too. Wild Apricot also allows you to track all your orders and payments and let you see what sells well.

Mobile App

The mobile app makes it a lot easier for donors who may not have access to a computer very often and can allow members to sign up for events and make payments etc. Their information goes to your member directory, and you can use it to communicate with them better, and drive engagement.

Wild Apricot Pricing

Wild Apricot is a great option because of all the features it offers within the same price plan. The tool allows users to make recurring monthly payments, and have different price plans for websites of different usages. For example, personal use websites are less expensive than business websites. Although all features are identical across different plans, the number of people that can be added to the member directory varies according to the needs at different levels. If your nonprofit is a small startup, you can choose to have a personal website with few members and change your subscription as your organization grows.