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Fast Set-Up

Start your online fundraiser in less than 24 hours. You don't need to wait for 6 months finishing papers for the bank. We manage all the process from A-Z; worry free. No technical team needed from your side, no coding, no x1#2a$@#4%4!!! It can’t get any easier.

Online donations

One click registration process for a seamless donation experience. Making it as simple as possible to collect funds.

Explore Tool

Our platform helps you get visibility and exposure to donors browsing GivingLoop, enabling you to reach new donors & expand your local & International community.

Donor Management System

You don’t have to handle financial transactions. You will receive monthly contributions directly to your bank account.
With our easy to use tools & dashboard, we make it easier for you to keep track and reach out to funders:

Payment processing

Custom domains

Custom reports

Unlimited files

Mobile friendly

Funder analytics

Servers backup

Internal communication system

Personalized Web Page

An all in one beautiful page for you to communicate your impactful updates with your donors and community of supporters.
Design your own custom online fundraiser with the tools provided by GivingLoop. With our cutting edge platform, all you have to do is fill in the blank. no coding, no x1#2a$@#4%4!!!
You will have the simplest and most optimized interface to showcase your impact while offering a seamless experience that gets your community involved. We will make sure people fall in love with your mission.

Monthly Subscriptions

We’ll help you become sustainable. No more fluctuating donations from one time donors. Retain your donors for ever.

Proprietary Transparency Technology

Build trust with your donors via our unique transparency system.
We have built proprietary technology that auto-cancels donors’ subscriptions if they do not receive monthly impact reports. Reports are mandatory to keep your audience up to date with your activities.
This opens up a new mode of communication between donors and the fundraising entity and brings back the trust, which means more funds for you!

Cross Device Fundraising

Create a custom fundraiser that works on all devices.
With our cutting edge platform, you are guaranteed a smooth and simple fundraising website that operates perfectly on laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
Imagine you could get support from anyone who has internet!