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We build and optimize for recurring donations


You love it but you want more customizations, support or a dedicated account manager?

Payment processing fees are not included — we use Stripe (2.9% + ¢30 per transaction).

Accept Donations

  • Beautiful Donation Page

    Nonprofits and donors really love it, totally customizable to match your branding.
  • Donors Recurring Journey

    We take your donors in a smooth educating journey to shift them to monthly donations.
  • Website Widget

    Keep your donors inside your website if you don't wish to move them to a new page.

Maintain Donors

  • Monthly Report

    We help you send a minimalist monthly report to keep your donors engaged.
  • Donor Support

    Our donor success team always ready to help your donors once needed.
  • Donor Reactivation

    We notify donors on failing charges with a 1-step card update page.

Grow Donorbase

  • Peer Circles

    Let your passionate fans raise funds from their circles on behalf of you.
  • Donor Referral

    We encourage your donors to refer your organization to their friends.
  • Marketing Support

    Book a call with our team to brainstorm or get advice on your next marketing steps.
Frequently Asked Questions

Don't all fundraising tools have the recurring option?

Recurring donations are not only about the button you see on the donation page. We build all our features to better serve your sustainability. For example, when we've launched our automatic donor reactivation feature, we've tracked its outcomes and re-developed the feature to handle some edge cases that we noticed after the launch. We optimize for recurring donations, it's our only focus.

How does the 5% then 7% pricing work?

In any given month, we'll keep deducting 5% for each transaction until you reach $1,000 in total. After that, we'll start deducting 7% for each transaction. The counter will reset next month. If you make $1,500 every month, you'll be charged a total of 1,000 * 5% + 500 * 7% = $85/mo.

Why does the pricing go up after the first $1,000?

We ask organizations who are raising smaller amounts to pay less as we want to support their mission as they launch their fundraising campaigns. Once they are slightly successful, we present our original fees. However, if you expect to raise $1M a year or more, contact our sales team for discounted rates.

Do you attract new donors to our organization?

No. While we offer marketing support and some other tools to help your organization attract new donors, it's not something you outsource to GivingLoop by subscribing to our software. Even most of the donor-nonprofit marketplaces ask organizations to do standalone marketing activities to attract new donors.

See GivingLoop in action

Mersal is an Egypt-based health charity serving patients in need on a non-discriminatory basis, with strong adherence to the rules of its advanced code of ethics. They make over $10k/mo on GivingLoop to sustain the organization.

SERES is cultivating and catalyzing youth leaders to build more just and sustainable communities in Central America, sustaining through GivingLoop.

Time for the real meaning of sustainability ..

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Recurring Monthly Donations