Fundraising like
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We help non-profits and social initiatives struggling with sustainability to raise monthly donations from the community.
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Online fundraising tailor-made for non-profits and social enterprises.

Transparency with donors.

We’ll help you build trust with your donors through our transparency system. Keep them informed and keep them happy. If monthly impact reports are not sent out, our proprietary technology will automatically cancel all donations.

Easy-to-use platform for monthly donations.

We'll help you become self-sustainable. No more fluctuating donations from one-time donors. You will receive monthly contributions directly to your bank account.

Simple, clear, and seamless interface

We’ll provide you with a simple and organized interface to showcase your impact; making it easy for your community to get involved and fall in love with your mission.

Easy setup in less than 24 hours. No banks. No coding.

You won’t have to wait for 6 months for a bank's approval. We manage the process from A-Z; worry-free. We want you to focus on changing people's lives, not on paperwork.
Worry less about fundraising, focus more on impact

We hate grant proposals as much as you do. Especially when, on average, 60% of donors you attract will be lost in the second year (BlackBaud US). GivingLoop's sustainable funding platform will save you from exhausting fundraising procedures, and help you focus on making a difference,instead.

One-time funding
Monthly funding

Attract happy donors with our proprietrary transparency system

We help you establish trust with your donors via simple monthly reports that keep donors engaged and aware of your progress. If the report is not delivered to their inbox, we’ll give donors their money back.

Start receiving online donations in less than 24hrs.

You register. We review. And within 24 hours, your page will be up and ready for donations. It’s as simple as that. No tedious paperwork. No coding.

All your impact and activities crystal-clear on all devices

We want to make it easy for potential donors to learn about your organization. We will provide the infrastructure for a customizable page that will be easy to navigate on all devices.

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All the tools you need in one place

Payment Processing
Custom Domains
Custom Reports
Communication System
Funder Analytics
Unlimited Files
Mobile Friendly
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