Grow your monthly donations.

Monthly donations require an ecosystem not a feature, and we’ve built this ecosystem.

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Give your donors a reason to opt in

Ask for it explicitly. Connect your donors to your mission and let them know why they should convert to monthly.

Create preset amounts specific to monthly

Simplify your donor’s decision making by changing the amounts to ones that make sense when they switch to monthly.

Ask for smaller monthly upgrades on the way

Keep their one time donation intact by asking for just a little monthly donation that won’t break the bank.

Offer the desired payment options

Make it easier for your donors to Recurring Giving with a Flexible payment processing.

Reinforce supportive actions

Celebrate your donors actions and reinforce their positive behavior by visual effects they will love.

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Update your donors continuously and consistently

91% of the nonprofits will stop emailing their donors after the 3rd month. We built it to take you out of this equation.

  • Monthly Reminders

    We remind you to send simple updates to your donors every month so you don’t miss a  chance to engage with them.

  • An Intuitive Editor

    Your donors want to know little but enough information about their impact, we help you put it in its simplest form.

An automated
approach to payment errors

Super fast and easy way to notifying your donors when their recurring donations failed until they repair them.

  • Perform several charge attempts to optimize for success.

  • Avoid carrying payments to the following months for your donors convenience.

  • Send one-click credit card update links right to their email when needed.

Easy donation cancellation

3 simple ways to cancel a monthly donation

Believe it or not, letting donors go is one great way to create an unforgettable memory for them. The smoother it is, the stronger the bond will be.

Donor Cancels

A one-click intuitive flow for your donors to cancel their monthly donation in their dashboard.

You Cancel

In your dashboard, search for the donor and cancel their monthly donation if they ask for it. Simple and clear.

We Cancel

Our support team will cancel any donor’s monthly donation upon their request. You don’t have to be there to do it.

We especially like your emphasis on encouraging one-time donors to become monthly pledgers.

John,  Director at The Giraffe Heroes