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Read how Offrejoie succeeded with sustainability afte relief campaigns.

Fundraising Goals

While Offrejoie was doing great with their immediate response campaigns to offer relief for victims of the Beirut’s blast, they wished for more predictability in their revenue to sustain activities.

Annette Black
Legacy Group Executive

“Thanks a lot for making
magics happen! you
guys are the best.Thanks
a lot for making magics
happen! you .”

From One-Time Success to Ongoing Support

Mersal started as an idea in the hearts of a group of enthusiastic Egyptian youth who sensed the problem of medical care in Egypt, and started working to achieve sustained medical services for unprivileged patients using their experience in the charity field in Egypt. and was officially registered in 2015.

The Result

During the mass relief campaigns they’ve run, they’ve raised more than $200k in relief funds. What’s better is that they ended up with more than 23% sustainable income out of these funds. This gives Offrejoie much greater space to plan for future activities and expand their impact.