Leverage your data to boost future donations.

An all-in-one fully featured dashboard that sets you for successful fundraising.

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Build relationships with your donors

Increase the lifetime value of your donors by better analyzing their individual data and personalizing your communication with them.

Make better decisions

Understand your donors behavior in aggregation and make decisions that empower your next fundraising campaigns.

Engage with your donors

Understand your donors stories, personalize your communication with them and let them become a real part of your impact work.

Segment donors with our filters

Use our powerful filtration tools to get down to the donors you want to engage with.

Export data with a click

Download your filtered donors data to your computer, send it out to your colleagues or perform advanced analysis techniques on it.

Send periodic impact reports to your donors

Never miss a chance to keep your donors engaged with our simplified monthly reporting. With a simple editor, updating your donors is a piece of cake.

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Stay on top of your
financials all the time

Whether you want to track month by month or dig deeper into your transactions details, we’ve created reports that your financial team will love.

Track your payouts clearly

Know what was paid to your bank account and when it was paid in a very clear table.

Customize the donation experience

Play around with a great set of donation experience options to discover what makes the best out of it, and give it your brand identity.

Meet your campaign requirements

Choose the campaign type that best suits your needs. Learn the industry best practices while on it.

Peer Circles

Put your network’s network to use

Be present around your connections’ social events and add inspiration to them by letting them fundraise for your impactful causes.

Onboard them in two steps

Let your network start fundraising for your causes in simple steps from any where and on any device.

“I wish I’ve known Peer Circles
existed 2 years ago, I did all this work manually before”

Eddy / Founder

Create an even more personalized experience for your network’s donors

Allow your network to create personalized pages to ask for support on your behalf

Personalized peer fundraising pages

Designed for their social events

Automate your most manual tasks by connecting the apps you love

Seamlessly connect Givingloop to your other apps using our Zapier integration.

There are over 1,500 apps ready to go!

Save time
for impact work

Get rid of the download, clean and upload tasks that you manually do. Invest your team’s time where you really want to.

your team in sync

Our integrations keep your systems in sync. When data is updated in one system, others will reflect the changes.

Explore what’s possible

Let our virtual robots do the hefty work for you. Connect Givingloop with your apps and data will start moving like magic. No code required.


Pipe your Givingloop’s donors data into your Salesforce CRM for advanced management.


Create Mailchimp contacts by your donors details to enroll them in your newsletter or send donation appeals.


Empower your financial team by automatically importing your donors’ transactions into their favorite accounting tool.